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Zaccheus Onumba Dibiaezue

Zaccheus Onumba Dibiaezue, Nigerian economist and lawyer

Born into a farming family in 1914, Zaccheus Onumba Dibiaezue's early education took place at St. Steven's Primary School in Ifite Dunu, Anambra State, Nigeria. The premature death of his father meant that his formal education could no longer continue as he was needed at home to support his family; however, through self-learning he was able to undertake and pass examinations for employment in the colonial civil service. Shortly thereafter he was recruited into the colonial police force. Using his evenings to study for the United Kingdom Universities' matriculation exam, he eventually earned a place to study economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). During his time at the LSE, Zaccheus would simultaneously prepare for and pass the English Bar Exams.

Upon his return to Nigeria, he worked as an economist and barrister. He would rise to become the first company secretary and legal adviser to the African Continental Bank, remaining in that position until his appointment as Executive Chairman of the Eastern Nigeria Development Corporation where he oversaw numerous projects Eastern Nigeria. His tenure came to an abrupt end at the advent of the Nigerian Civil War.

Following the war, he served as Commissioner for Finance (and later Agriculture) in the government of the East Central State, an area that comprises present-day Ebonyi, Imo, Abia, Enugu and Anambra states.

On July 16, 1975 illness brought Zaccheus's life to a premature close.