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10 Amazing benefits of Olive Oil

By Nkem Egenuka on Thu, 21/09/2017 - 16:29

In this part of the world olive oil is popular because christians use as anionting oil and for prayers. Nonetheless, Olive Oil has other wonderful uses like health, cooking, hair and other benefits.

Olive oil is an essential fruit oil, which is gotten from the olive tree crop. It has been used by mankind for many centuries. 

It is often added to salads and roasted vegetables. But olive oil is a lot more than just a health food. It can be used for soothing skin, managing hair, and also as a natural sunscreen. 

The antioxidants found in the oil protect against aging by reducing damage from free radicals and oxidative stress. Olive oil is often used in cooking for its smooth flavor and for the many health benefits it has to offer. This product has been the focus of a lot of research for many years and is known to possess many benefits, both for health as well as beauty.

This type of oil contains important quantities of monosaturated fats and oleic acid, which have been linked to a lower risk of coronary disease. In addition, it contains antioxidants and other anti-inflammatory nutrients that help reduce bad cholesterol, fight free radicals and prevent premature aging.

Olive oil is loaded with vitamins and essential fatty acids involved in speeding the healing of burns. 

Regular consumption of olive oil lowers inflammation and heals the body from the inside out. 


Surprising benefits of Olive Oil

  • Applying a little olive oil on the skin provides essential vitamins and nutrients, keeping the skin nourished and smooth.
  • Olive oil is one of the best natural moisturizers for your skin. 
  • The healthy fats in olive oil can help reduce diastolic and systolic blood pressure levels.
  • Olive oil fades away stretch marks.
  • It reduces high blood pressure.
  • It controls and manages cholesterol thereby removing cholesterol from the body.
  • It strengthens the immune system.
  • Olive oil contains healthy fats that can help regulate blood sugar levels and insulin production.
  • It is rich in healthy monosaturated fats, prevent the mental decline related to mental illnesses like Alzheimer’s.
  • The oleocantal content in olive oil can help reduce pain in the joints and muscles. 
  • It also improves digestion.
  • It boosts metabolism and is an excellent source of vitamin E










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