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Short Fiction: The Schizophrenic Camera of Professor McGraw (Part I)

By tofunmi.omowumi on 27 Aug, 2014

In the first part of this haunting piece by Tofunmi Omowumi, we are transported back in time to a strange lake captured by a professor's camera. If you're a writer and wish to be featured on the ZODML blog, send your pitches to editorial[at]zodml[dot]org.


We recall the conflagration of the University Staff Quarters in London in 1920. The renowned photojournalist, artist, and academician Professor Jefferson C. McGraw was confirmed dead in the fire outbreak on May 6. The fatal incident also claimed the lives of several notable scholars, including Dr. Marshall Kinston, a psychiatrist and close friend of Professor McGraw. It has been argued by some that the location of McGraw's most celebrated photo series "House of Demons" was documented somewhere in the professor's later works which vanished in the fire. Fifty years later, a group of young researchers led by the archaeologist Fred N. Monks discover parts of what are considered to be the memoirs of Professor McGraw. Read more about Short Fiction: The Schizophrenic Camera of Professor McGraw (Part I)

Dream - A Poem

By tofunmi.omowumi on 12 Jun, 2014

The latest poem from our Poetry Corner is a reflection on dreams by writer Tofunmi Omowumi. Share your poetry, short stories, and non-fiction with us by emailing [email protected].

Dream, Dream
once upon a dreamer:
boy hung in the air in the eclipse of the swing
"stethoscoping" patience in the eyes of himself:
is the heartbeat of his first patient.
boy dreams to heal the land
of sickly folks and dead parents. Read more about Dream - A Poem


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