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38 Books to Read with Children

By Comfort Olukogbon on 27 May, 2015

Children's Day is a day to celebrate "childhood". On Children’s Day tribute is paid to all children in the world. In Nigeria, it is celebrated every year on the 27th May to celebrate the welfare of children and to bring rise to any inequality found in their welfare. Children are loved by one and all. They win over our hearts with their angelic eyes and innocent smiles. It makes one realise that maybe that’s the way God wanted us to be. Check out our list of bookls for kids. Do you remember reading one as a Child?

1.       Dele's Travels and Sallah in Ilorin by WIlliams, Akinyele

Dele's travels and Salah in Ilorin are the adventures of boys travelling through parts of Nigeria to discover the varied life of ares.

2.       My Kid Brother by Olanlokun, Olajire

In this book: My kid brother, Mr and Mrs Aregbe live in wing A of the duplex. They have three daughters; twin girls called Doland and Bimpe and Folake their junior sister. She is cheerful and friendly.

3. Obi and His Friendsby Taiwo Oladele

The delightful and charming story is sure to capture the imagination of primary school pupils throughout Nigeria.

4. Singing Camelinaby Mohammed, Anikpe

This is a story about Camelina and her parent, Camelina is a young girl who loves to sing.

5.       Thirst for Vengeance by Rahman, Bello

This exciting fiction series provides enjoyable leisure reading for boys and girls aged 9-13 years.

6.       A Child with a Child by Okosun, Clement

Seventeen-year-old Enibo a fifth-year student at Missionary High School in Igarra, Nigeria is afraid to tell her family or friends that she is pregnant ultimately deciding that suicide is her only option.

7.       A Fortune for Bose by Pam, Fatima

Tenderfoot is a comprehensive new series for children within the age brackets 3-5 and 6-8 years.

8.       A Gift to the Troubled Tribe by Okunoren, Segun

The Amada society had degenerated over the years and the people were faced with serious internal and external problems which threatened the existence of their kingdom. There was hardship and there was suffering among the common people. The situation remained the same for years, until the gods of the land sent to them a gift in the boy called Dawda who, together with Samori the chief priest- who was arguably the wisest man in the kingdom, worked to bring sanity into the kingdom to free the common people from perpetual bondage.

9.       A Surprise for Auntie by Solaru, Lanna

This is the story of Akin who a travel from his village to Ibadan. He comes to live with his aunt in order to attend Government College.

10.   Samankwe and the Highway Robbers by Cyprian Ekwensi

Set in present day eastern Nigeria this adventure story is centered around the prevalent problems of robbery and crime.

11.   Tales out of school by Nkem Nwankwo

Bayo goes to secondary school and in his first term experiences a class rebellion and a challenge to the school football team.

12.   Eze goes to school by Onuora Nzekwe

Eze is determined to go to school but this is not easy.Can he overcome the difficulties that stand in his way?

13.   Chike and the River by Chinua Achebe

The more Chike saw the ferry-boats the more he wanted to make the trip to Asaba. But where would he get the money? He did not know. Still, he hoped. Eleven-year-old Chike longs to cross the Niger River to the city of Asaba, but he doesn’t have the sixpence he needs to pay for the ferry ride. With the help of his friend S.M.O.G., he embarks on a series of adventures to help him get there.

14.   The Runaway Hero by Umez Peter

Being Short can be a challenge for anybody of nine, especially if he lives among bullies in a crumbly old orphanage run by a stony-faced woman,who wields a snake tongue.

15.   Aunty Felicia Goes to School by Ayodele Olofintuade

What excitement nine-year-old junior feels when he is chosen to manage the Dazzling Falcons - the girls' soccer team of his school? His excitement doubles when he discovers a couple of astonishing talents, sure to win him the coveted Akide Cup. Ah... he reckoned without the evil Aunty Felicia, who has decided to go to school to be the ruin of Junior.

16.   Eno’s Story by Chinyere Obi-Obasi,

Eno lives happily with her father, until one day he disappears in an accident. Her uncle says that she is a "witch" who has caused her father's death. She goes through many struggles before moving in with other children who have also been called "witches" and have been sent away from home. This moving and beautifully illustrated story, with moments of humour and sadness, shows how Eno uses courage and her imagination to make the best of a difficult situation.

17.   Hard Ground by Ahmed Yerima

Nimi had dropped out of school because of his mission to become a child soldier to fight for his people. Child soldiering is a criminal act of young people brutalizing people and stealing away young innocent girls. They lose their humanity. There is no law anymore, no parental influence anymore for such children

18.   Without a Silver Spoon In cartoon by Arowolo Femi

It tells the story of Ure Chokwe's determination to go to school in spite of his poor background.

19.   The Drummer Boy by Cyprian Ekwensi

A Talented blind drummer boy and singer moved from place to place entertaining people with his performance. But deep down there is an undisclosed unhappiness. Why is Akin unhappy? Who amoung his friends can he trust in his search for true happiness?

20.   Flying Tortoise by Anezi Okoro

Okoro takes on the classic folktales of Igbo culture in this novel. For the first time, Tortoise leaves his home on earth to explore outer space, taking on environmental problems and the timeless themes of mankind and society.

21.   How the Leopard Got Its Claws by Chinua Achebe and John Iroaganachi

Recounts how the leopard got his claws and teeth and why he rules the forest with terror.

22.   Cate Saves the Ikopi Rainforest by Sola Alamutu

A group of animals act to stop the destructive human invasion of their home. This book teaches children the importance of protecting our environment.

23.   The First Corn by Mabel Segun

This is an exciting story of how man got his first seed of corn. The vocabulary is graded and the story is rendered in simple and conversational English.

24.   Nma and Nkita by Chinwe Agbakoba

An enthralling choice for kids, Nma and Nkiti is the story of a beautiful girl, her handsome husband, and a secret uncovered by a dog.

25.   The Village Headmaster by Anezi Okoro

The Village Headmaster is the new broom at the village school. His efforts to 'sweep clean' meet opposition and disaster in this sequel to The Village School.

26.   High School Stories by Tai Solarin

This is a collection of short stories woven around themes that sustain the interest of adolescents and adults alike.

27.   An Adventure to Juju Island Gabriel Okara

Set in the rural life of the people of Rivers State, Nigeria, this adventure tale from a major African writer follows two young people on Juju Island. There they discover the hideous activities of Indian hemp smugglers, and the smugglers are caught after the boys go to the police. A moral is woven into the adventure.

28.   Sugar Girl by Kola Onadipe

Raila is missing from home under mysterious and unfortunate circumstances. Thereafter, she goes through ordeals, one after the other: First in the hands of a wicked witch and then a hunter. Will she survive these ordeals and return home...and under what circumstances?

29.   Coal Camp Boy by Cyprian Ekwensi

The Camp Boy is an exciting story which will be found enjoyable by students in the upper classes of primary schools.

30.   Tales Out of School by Nkem Nwankwo

Bayo goes to secondary school and in his first term experiences a class rebellion and a challenge to the school football team.

31.   Jelly Baby by Philip Begho

In a camp for boy soldiers during Sierra Leone's internecine war,a bizarre drama plays itself out. At the centre of it is Jelly Baby- a wisp of a boy barely the size of the AK-47 each child must bear.

32.   Koku Baboni by Kola Onadipe

Koku, one of a set of twins is customarily abandoned and left to perish. Is it right to do that? What about our Human Right to Live. Did he survive the ordeal…and what was the result of his experience?

33.   Buried Treasure by Akachi-Adimora Ezeigbo

After the civil war in Nigeria, Ola and her family are very poor.Her father is dead and their money has disappeared.How will they manage to Live?Is there anyone who can help them.

34.   Burning Grass by Cyprian Ekwensi

A tale of family ties in a nomadic tribe of Northern Nigeria.

35.   Akula the Black Bird by S.C Njoku

In this Nigerian tale, the new yam festival of the bird kingdom is approaching and Miss Akula, who thinks her black feathers look ugly and dirty, seeks the help of friends to become white, shiny, and the envy of other birds.

36.   Ejiofor and his Mother by Chinwe Agbakoba

Ejiofor and his mother Ugoye lived alone in a small hut in Ajofia forest. They were Poor and Lonely.

37.   Greedy Wife and the Magic Spoon by Kofo Ademola

It exposes the negative consequences of dishonest behaviours in Children

38.   Red Nest by Thelma Nwokeji

Set in Akani village, the novel moves in a hair-raising speed to an unnamed part of a city. It revolves around the life of Ike, a clever and stubborn twelve-year-old who is dissatisfied with his poor parents, their wretched home, the endless farm work, their inability to send him and his elder brother Emeka to school and a catalogue of other grudges.

These books and many more are available at the ZODML Community Library - sign up today and borrow books for your child. Feel free to add your suggestions on any book which you would love kids to read. Happy Children’s Day!

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