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Amazing Things: Life - A Poem

By Femi Morgan on 8 May, 2015

This week's ZODML Poetry Corner features a poem on the beauty of life. Do you write? Send your poems, short stories, book reviews and NYSC experience to [email protected] for a chance to be featured on our blog

Life is a word,

made of many groupings.


Words of sentiments,

of dates.

Cowries hidden ripped upon by hoes,

under a shed.


Give thanks, life is not a mere word,

it is a long lettered one,

and a short pun on all of us,

even age cannot comprehend.


Life is love.

Froths from youthful blood,

with the probability of endings.

that smile that draws like magnet,

that scorn that may end it.


Call life, a warring of bi-oppositions.

from morals flung into conscience,

andt’  immoral of yeast and blood.


This is the land of battles;

Battling age with make-up

Battling scorn with notions

Battling love with teasing and pretences.


 Life is an offering,

for we live by offerings.

a woman,

offers her heart, her soul, her cunt, her womb...

the hands and the dishes.

the man offers to beauty’s upkeep duties.


life is an offering.


At times, life is likened, a monkey,

climbing a donkey.

life is beyond renditions.


Amazing things,

VERY amazing ! Cripples can become king.

Fellows can grow in anger’s bellows...

Amazing things.


Life is a market of words,

haggling for sentences,

much is meant, with the gestures,  

lies lie in letters let out like ‘To Lets’,

What else, we are tenants.


Life is a boxing ring,

many many scattered teeth.

can you find yours?

But stay in the ring,

just stay!

you will never master the puncher’s moves

nobody does friend!

nobody does!


Life is a cozy shore;

of whispering and gliding fishes,

of children laughing,

                                 yapping funny-sending you a trance,

of happiness.

Life is amazing.

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