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Anan and the Grass Village, Astonishing the Gods and Mythical Stories – Librarian Book Picks

By Comfort Olukogbon on Mon, 10/11/2014 - 22:23

Check out this week’s selection of great books chosen by our librarians! You can find all of these awesome titles and more at our Community Library at 196 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. Looking for your next great read? Search our catalogue and e-library or browse previous picks for inspiration.

Anan and the Grass Village by Geraldine Kaye
The story is set in West Africa. Anan meets Augustine in the grass village on the other side of the lagoon. He comes from a fishing village and she teaches him how to grow vegetables. When the rain comes, Anan finds a way to use it, by making the water come again to fill the lagoon, and so saves the life of his village...

Astonishing the Gods by Ben Okri
It is a modern fable about relationship between love, suffering and creativity…

Okrika: In Search of an Ancestry by J.A. Fiberesima
This is a collection of stories about the origin of Okrika towns and people. It is a part of the stories passed from generation to generation of Okrikas...

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