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Catch Them Young (CATHY) with Mr Lordson Daki

By Regina Alabere on Fri, 08/04/2016 - 10:37

The book titled ‘’A Magic Paint Brush’’ by Ellen Wettersten was the story taken by the pupils of Army Children School and Dodan Barracks Primary School, Obalende. To lead the discussion was Mr Lordson Daki.

The story is about a boy named Ma Liang, an orphan who lived in China and worked hard to cater for himself. He had artistic talent and made a drawing of different things and animals with a twig in the sand because he had no brush to paint. Ma Liang often dreamt about what to paint. One day, he dreamt that an old man gave him a magic brush made of gold and he woke up to see the magic brush shining in his hand and was very happy. The magic brush could paint any colour that he imagined and to his surprise anything he painted came to life and he painted many things to help the poor.

One day, the Mandarin of their town heard about Ma Liang’s magic paint brush and summoned him to his palace. He got the brush from him and painted a tree of gold for himself. Surprisingly, the gold turned to sand. He then gave the brush back to Ma Liang to make the drawing for him. Ma Liang drew a tree of gold, but on an island in the sea, The Mandarin got angry and asked Ma Liang to paint a boat and gusts of wind to take him to the island which Ma Liang did. Suddenly the wind started blowing hard and the mandarin sailed right past the island and was never seen again.

The guest pointed out the lessons from the story; endurance and greed. Ma Liang endured his hard time and later made it through his drawings. He overcame poverty to become a well-known artist as he dreamt. The greed of the emperor made him disappear.

 A pupil from Dodan Barracks wanted to know who gave Ma Liang the magic brush. The guest answered that it could be an angel because the brush was given to him in his dream. He also said that this is a Fairy-tale and not a real story, but can be  used to teach moral lessons.  Another pupil from Army Children’s School asked the meaning of Mandarin and was told that it is a small lord in China. The programme ended as usual after they were registered as members of the library and they all borrowed books of their choice.

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