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Daughters Who Walk This Path,Democracy and A fortune for Bose –Librarian Book Picks

By Comfort Olukogbon on 19 Jan, 2015

Check out this week’s selection of great books chosen by our librarians! You can find all of these awesome titles and more at our Community Library at 196 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. Looking for your next great read? Search our catalogueand e-library or browse previous picks for inspiration.

Daughters who walk this path by Kilanko, Yejide
Spirited and intelligent, Morayo grows up surrounded by school friends and family in Ibadan. There is Eniayo, her adoring little sister- for whose sake their middle-class parents fight stigmatizing superstition- and large extended family of cousins and aunts who sometimes make Morayo's home their own. A shameful secret forced upon her by Bros T, her cousin, thrusts Morayo into a web of oppressive silence woven by the adults around her. Morayo must learn to fiercely protect herself and her sister as young women growing up in a complex and politically charged country. 
Democracy and Civil Society in Nigeria by Kukah, Matthew Hassan
This book takes a critical look at the main issues behind democratic failure in Nigeria and makes a bold attempt at explaining the mechanism for guaranteeing, sustaining and instituting frameworks towards achieving lasting democracy in Nigeria... 
A fortune for Bose by Pam, Fatima
Bose lived with her poor mother and a younger brother and sister. She was very obedient and nice. She helped her mother in cooking and taking care of her younger ones. Everyone liked Bose. One day the chief of the village complained that he no longer enjoyed the foods prepared for him and promised a big fortune to anyone who would prepare a dish that he would like. All the women and girls prepared very delicious dishes but it was Bose's dish of akara that the Chief liked. The Chief kept his promise and rewarded Bose with a big fortune.
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