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Echoes of a Heartbeat, You're Not a Country and The Oil Conspiracy- Librarian Book Picks

By Comfort Olukogbon on 28 Sep, 2015
What are you reading this week? Check out the top three books we can’t wait to read, selected for you by our librarian.
Echoes of a Heartbeat by Amah, Lilian
Nice words from a nice man, and it seems to Kehinde Lawson that her husband, Dr. Femi Taylor, is all that she could wish for. And, he's accepted the child she has had by a former lover, the fiery and unpredictable Derrick Williams.
Then disaster strikes. Femi is run down in a Lagos street, and Kehinde is left to pick up the pieces... as a pretty and well-endowed widow. The stage, her secret obsession, beckons. Success as an actress, plus the attentions of her leading man, point to a bright new future.
But Derrick slowly seeps back into her life, and in time there's another fatality, a visit from the police, and a trial for the most serious crime of all. Who is guilty?...
This novel shows us beautifully the fine line between love and suspicion, malice and murder, set against the backdrop of vibrant modern African nation.
In this wide ranging collection of essays, Pius Adesanmi explores what Africa means to him as an African and as a citizen of the world. Examining the personal and the political, tradition and modernity, custom and culture, Adesanmi grapples with the complexity and contradictions of this vast continent, zooming in most closely on Nigeria, the country of his birth...
The Oil Conspiracy by Okpi, Kalu 
This story book is on big shots who desperately want to acquire more money are illegal deals raging from duping the governments in oil business known as the Wessoil deal; to a silver deal that consequently lead to the third and last plan, which is smuggling out cannabis in order to break even. This last survival plan brings out the brutality and heartlessness in them, when they resort to arson and murder to cover up their tracks and to remove all obstacles in their way to getting what they want.

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