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Gone With The Wind - A Poem

By Adesuwa Uwanikhehi on 3 Aug, 2015

This week's ZODML Poetry Corner features a poem on love and despair for lost love by Adesuwa Uwanikhehi.

There we stood, arms locked

All around each other

Gazing into each others eyes

In a world of our own

In time memorial it seemed


Cupid had used her best arrows

Adding rhythm to the air

A rhythm only we could hear

A rhythm  so sweet and mesmerising

In our garden full of greens and flowers


Passion  and love, flowers of old

Gathered around us,

Glory of the sun in blue,

Whispering of love, a love so sweet

They, were the witnesses of our love so deep


Then came the wind, a very gusty wind

A wind that came to test the strength of our love

We vowed to stay as one, no matter what

But alas, you were gone in the hazels of the moon

Leaving me in despair


Tears of Persia wept alongside I

As we searched for you under the blue sky above

Combing through our love garden

Calling out to you through winter and summer

But alas, this seems to birth more misery


Now, ours is a tale told by flora

Of the love that had existed in time memorial

As I lay amongst them, listening to her as she told them of our love

But alas,  "he has gone with the wind" she said finally

Making me shattered all over again


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