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A Great Learning Experience With Jeffrey Godi At ZODML

By Comfort Olukogbon on Fri, 19/06/2015 - 16:07

It was an exciting day at ZODML on Wednesday, 10th of June as students of Junior Secondary Grammar School and Ireti Junior High School gathered at ZODML’s Community Library for its Junior Secondary School Reading Programme. The guest for this month’s edition was Jeffrey Godi who heads ZODML’s IT Department. The selected book for the programme was Flower Power by Linda Barr.

Flower Power tells of a girl who discovered an endangered flower. She went through some considerable trouble with her teacher and classmates to save the flower from being extinct.  It describes the importance of plants. In this book, we are also reminded that some plants are endangered, while others are already extinct.

The session kicked off with an opening prayer and introductions by everyone present.  Jeffrey Godi, asked the students to summarize the book.  He inquired who learnt new words from the book and it was interesting to know that all the students did. They informed us of the new words learnt which were ‘threatened’, ‘endangered’, ‘Carolina Parakeet’, ‘extinct’, ‘orchid’ amongst others.

 Jennifer Selfa of Falomo Junior High School read out chapter 4 of the book, her favourite part of the book, which encouraged the students to care for flowers, made them learn about weeds and the uniqueness of plants as well as exposed them to a great learning experience with beautiful artwork of rarely seen plants and animals; the students were able to identify a flower – ‘Purple Loosestrife’.

Prior to the event, the students had been asked to write a continuation of the story of the book.   Six students – Jennifer Ojemekele, Adekinwonsa Halimat, Sikirat Korede, Jennifer Selfa, Richard Eunice, and Bakare Oluwajuwon had their stories shortlisted from the group of 26. The best three students each read their piece aloud, and their writing was judged by Jeffrey Godi.

The winner was Jennifer Ojemekele and Bakare Oluwajuwon and Richard Eunice came second and third respectively. Read the winning piece here:

The following week, it was out on newspaper on the front page with Sarath’s picture boldly written

“A Young Girl named Sarath Saved the Orchids, now there are ten groups of prairie fringed orchids in the whole state.”

When dad went to work that day he saw the newspaper with his colleague, he was shocked at first, but when he read further,

he saw that it was all about the orchids and he happily told his workmates that the girl whose picture was depicted on the

newspaper was his daughter.

That evening, dad got home very early which mom and Sarath were surprised about. Immediately he entered the sitting room,

he met Sarath and her mom watching a TV programme. He then showed the newspaper to Sarath and her mom.

They were overjoyed, they immediately phoned Mr. Stuart and Mrs. Stuart since they were on holiday.

They shared the good news with them and they were very happy.

The following day, it was said on tv and radio that it was now against the law to destroy any flower growing in a nature reserve or in the field.

The students were taken on a tour of the library, were each issued a library card and allowed to borrow a book. It was heartening to note that award winning books - Island of the Blue Dolphins, Walk Two Moons and others were among the books chosen. They also received a ZODML t-shirt and a book.


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