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I do not come to you by chance, My Nigeria; Five Decades of Independence The drummer boy- Libarian book picks

By Nkem Egenuka on Mon, 15/08/2016 - 15:38


What are you reading this week? Check out the top three books we can’t wait to read, selected for you by our librarian

I do not come to you by chance by Nwaubani Adaobi Tricia (Fiction)


 Kingsley Ibe has the world at his feet. He has the University degree and Ola, his African Queen. As the eldest son, he also get a little meat with his egusi stew. Life is sweet. But then tragedy strikes in the family and kingsley is forced to became the breadwinner. As cash-flow becomes an issue, Ola moves to the next guy who can buy her a Dolce and Gabbana watch and Gucci slippers.

 Indesperation, he turns to his uncle - Cash Daddy - for help. Cash Daddy is a successful email fraudster, with the waist, the Versace Jeans and YSL shirts to prove it. Will Kingsley survive, or will he get sucked into 419 abyss?


 My Nigeria: Five Decades of Independence by Cunliffe-Jones Peter (Non-fiction)


My Nigeria is a piercing look at the colonial legacy in an emerging power. Marshalling his deep knowledge of the nation's economic, political, and historic forces, The author explains why British rule led to years of harsh dictatorships. He also takes an unflinching look at the complicated country Nigeria has become today, from email hoaxes and political corruption to the violent conflicts between the numerous peoples within its borders, and he shows how, rising from their troubles, the people of Nigeria are taking charge of themselves and demanding change...


 The Drummer boy by Ekwensi Cyprian (Children Fiction)

 This book tells the gripping tale of blind Akin, a wanderer, who despite his physical challenge, contributes his quota to the society by radiating joy with his samba.


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