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Junior Secondary Reading Program (JSRP) with Mrs Tara McCleary

By Regina Alabere on Wed, 09/03/2016 - 11:50


The ‘’Lonely Orphan Girl’’ by Dana Towsend was the story taken by students of Wahab Folawiyo Junior High School and  Government Junior High School Maroko, Osborne-Ikoyi Lagos and the quest who led the discussion was Mrs Tara Mccleary.

 The story is based on the life of Elizabeth Jane Cochran, known in the book as Nellie Bly and  how in trying to earn a living in the America of two hundred years ago, between 1840 and early 1900 discovered that women were not free to choose the work that they want. Then women were limited to the work within the household and as wife and mother. If they went to work at all, they were limited to work as seamstresses, cleaners, washerwomen and teachers for example. Nellie Bly went out to change all that by becoming a journalist and demonstrated that women can do the work that men do.  

The guest pointed out that the more important aspect of the story is determination and endurance. She overcame poverty to become a national figure as an acclaimed journalist.

A student from Government Junior College, Maroko asked why women were not allowed to get good jobs of their choice. The guest replied that women had no right to decide at that time and that decisions were made by their husbands. Then another student from Wahab Folawiyo Junior Secondary School asked if Nellie Bly gave birth before her death and she said, no, because she married late and shortly before her death. It was an interactive session made very interesting by many views and observations, at the end of which a student of Government Junior College, Maroko  gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the two schools at the end of the event.

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