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Lordson Captures Dreams with Senior Secondary School Students

By Lordson on Fri, 03/07/2015 - 17:26


At ZODML, our workers are privileged to do more than their day to day duties. We help students build skills and explore careers.  One of the many ways we achieve this is through our reading programmes, a project which aims to promote and celebrate the joy of reading. ZODML’s Development Officer, Lordson Daki spent a day with 13 students of Ilado Senior Secondary School at our Senior Secondary Reading programme discussing a collection of stories.  Here is what Lordson has to say:

 "Although I have always been part of the Senior Secondary Reading Programme indirectly ever since I joined this organization, but this involvement never gave me the satisfaction I had by discussing a book with students of Ilado Senior Secondary School on the 17th June 2015. The book discussed “Capturing Our Dreams” by Catherine Snow has a collection of stories with essential elements for anyone to realise their dreams.

The most striking revelation of this book is that it doesn’t place greatness or accomplishment of dreams on the platform of education, rather it infers that education could be a dream. In this book, Catherine Snow revealed five elements essential for capturing one's dream. They are:






My interaction with the students was superb as the students had read the selected stories under each theme. In most cases, my best story from each element happened to be theirs. Being able to share part of my career story in line with perseverance and hope was the high point for me. I was not surprised about the level of intelligence the students possess because I have always known that students in public schools are very intelligent, but all they lack is a platform to exploit their potentials and literacy exposures.

My wish right now is to complete the ZODML Reading Programmes, that is, to be part of a CATHY and JSRP session.

Can't wait to do this again!!!"

Like Lordson, we believe reading can be incredibly fun and rewarding no matter how old you are.

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