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The Mad King - A Poem

By Adesuwa Uwanikhehi on 3 Sep, 2015

This week's ZODML Poetry Corner features a poem on authorty, dictatorship and oppression by Adesuwa Uwanikhehi.


I am a man, mighty in valour

As I sit amongst my subjects

Who tremble at my feet

While I feast and dine with them

But to some, I am just an insane man


I am a great king in my Kingdom

Where I choose to laugh at my own thoughts

And do what pleases me, with nobody to question me

What a free way to live life I think

But to some, I am just an insane man


I am highly respected all around

As I walk majestically amongst my subject

Along the market roads and anywhere I set foot in

As my subjects for fear of me, make way for their king

But to some, I am just an insane man


Do you know I am the king of my territory?

That I am as happy and free around could be?

That my robes and Crown are filled with rubies and gold dust?

And not to forget my invisible robe only I can see?

But to some, I am just an insane man


Now, my Kingdom  is threatened

As cracks of insanity begin to steal into my sanity

Gradually like the sun steals the night away

Taking away my subjects one after the other

Now making me really scared of the insane people who called me insane



Now I am fully insane with a lost Kingdom

Or should I say sane?

I begin to wonder why it seems so long ago

As I hide my nakedness from the world's peering eyes

Becoming conscious of my unclean state

Why am I here? I ask myself

In the dump all alone looking tattered .

Fear begins to creep in, as I realise that reality has just given me

It's first doze of normality, making me breakdown in tears

Tears for no reason at all

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