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Never A Rebel, Nigerian Festivals and Jelly Baby- Librarian Book Picks

By Regina Alabere on Tue, 08/12/2015 - 13:06

What are you reading this week? Check out the top three books we can’t wait to read, selected for you by our librarian.



Never a Rebel: A Personal War History of a Biafran Sapper by Nwachukwu, Wash


This is a story of a soldier who fought on the Biafran side of the Nigeria-Biafra war (1967-1970). The story gives an insight into how life inside Biafra was for an ordinary man. This non-ranked soldier lived in Biafra as a student, an unemployed civilian, a member of Biafra Red Cross Society, an infantry soldier, a straggler and a sapper...




Nigerian Festivals: The Famous And Not So Famous by Awofeso, Pelu


Local festivals have always been an attraction for international visitors to Nigeria. While some are very well known abroad, quite a number of others are not.

This book brings under one roof and interesting selection of these cultural fiestas, which take place year round and hundreds of kilometers apart...



Children Fiction

Jelly Baby by Begho, Philip


In a camp for boy soldiers during Sierra Leone's civil war, a bizarre drama plays itself out. At the center of it is Jelly Baby-  a little wisp of a boy barely the size of the AK47 each child must bear...



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