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Practice Questions for 'She Stoops to Conquer'

By Nkem Egenuka on Fri, 14/12/2018 - 04:05

Plot Summary

Mr. Hardcastle makes arrangement for his daughter Kate to meet Charles Marlow, hoping the pair will marry. Marlow prefers lower-class women, finding them less intimidating than women of high society. On his first acquaintance with Kate, she realises she will have to pretend to be 'common' to get Marlow to woo her. Marlow sets out for Mr. Hardcastle's manor with a friend, George Hastings, an admirer of Miss Constance Neville, another young lady who lives with the Hardcastles. During the journey the two men get lost and stop at an alehouse, The Three Jolly Pigeons, for directions.

Kate's step-brother, Tony Lumpkin comes across the two strangers at the alehouse and realising their identity, plays a practical joke by telling them that they are a long way from their destination and will have to stay overnight at an inn. The "inn" he directs them to, turns out to be the home of the Hardcastles. When they arrive, the Hardcastles, who have been expecting them, go out of their way to make them welcome. Marlow and Hastings, thinking they are in an inn, behave extremely disdainful towards their hosts. Hardcastle tolerates their unwitting insults, because of his friendship with Marlow's father.

Kate learns of her suitor's shyness from Constance and a servant tells her of Tony's trick. She then ‘stoops to conquer’ by pretending to be a serving-maid to get to know him. Marlow falls in love with her and plans to elope but because she appears of a lower class, acts in a somewhat bawdy manner around her. All misunderstandings are resolved by the end, with the appearance of Sir Charles Marlow.

A secret romance breeds between Constance and Hastings. Constance needs her inheritance (jewels), guarded by Tony's mother, Mrs. Hardcastle, who wants Constance to marry her son, in order to keep the jewels in the family. Tony despises the thought of marrying Constance, he prefers a barmaid at the alehouse and so agrees to steal the jewels from his mother's safekeeping for Constance, so she can elope to France with Hastings. The play concludes with Kate's plan succeeding, she and Marlow become engaged. Tony discovers his mother has lied about his being "of age" and thus entitled to his inheritance. Constance gets engaged to Hastings.


Practice Questions

Why does Mrs. Hardcastle defend Tony?

  • She hates hardcastle
  • He blackmails her
  • She's his mother
  • She does not defend him

Why does Mr. Hardcastle worry about Kate?

  • He worries she dresses immodestly.
  • He worries she will marry poorly.
  • He worries the town manners have infected he.r
  • He worries she is sick.

Who recites the play's prologue?

  • Tony lumpkin
  • Mr. Woodward
  • Marlow
  • Kate hardcastle

Who does Hardcastle hope Kate will marry at the beginning of the play?

  • Marlow
  • Sir charles
  • Hastings
  • Tony lumpkin

What does Mr. Hardcastle disdain most of all?

  • Town manners
  • Money
  • Arranged marriages
  • Country manners

How does Kate dress in the morning?

  • In rags
  • In gowns
  • Plainly
  • Fashionably

How does Kate dress in the evenings?

  • Fashionably
  • In gowns
  • Plainly
  • In rags

Who does Mrs. Hardcastle hope Tony will marry?

  • Kate hardcastle
  • She does not want him married
  • Constance neville
  • The landlady at the inn

Which character is the best example of moderation?

  • Mrs. Hardcastle
  • Kate
  • Tony lumpkin
  • Mr. Hardcastle

What is Mrs. Hardcastle's great vice?

  • Lust
  • Vanity
  • Thievery
  • Depression

Why is Constance excited to hear Marlow is visiting?

  • He brings her her fortune
  • She loves marlow
  • Hastings is with him
  • She is not excited

What is Constance's inheritance?

  • She is destitute
  • A set of gowns
  • A dowry
  • Jewels

Where does Tony drink with friends?

  • In his bedroom
  • The marked laugh
  • The three pigeons
  • In the garden

Why is Tony's practical joke believable?

  • Marlow is blind
  • The hardcastle home looks like an inn
  • He fills the lie with details
  • The men are drunk

What warning does Hardcastle give his servants?

  • Not to appear too regularly
  • Not to act too formally
  • Not to laugh at his stories
  • Not to feed the guests duck

What is the name of the head servant?

  • Justin
  • Chuck
  • Diggory
  • Master blanchard

Which character has a complicated relationship with his or her mother?

  • Mr. Hardcastle
  • Hastings
  • Kate
  • Tony

What happens when Marlow speaks to a "modest" woman?

  • They ignore him.
  • He grows confident.
  • They mock him.
  • They petrify him.

Why must Hastings hide his identity?

  • He is a criminal.
  • He is poor.
  • He wants to elope with constance.
  • He wants to play a practical joke.

Who is the first person to discover Tony's lie?

  • Marlow
  • Mrs. Hardcastle
  • Hastings
  • Hardcastle










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