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A Reading Adventure with ZODML Co-founder.

By Comfort Olukogbon on 19 Mar, 2015

Our last SSRP for the first quarter of 2015 held on Wednesday, 18th of March 2015 at the ZODML Community Library between students of Government Senior College Ikoyi (GSCI) and Aunty Ayo Girls Comprehensive Senior Secondary School (AAGCSS). It kicked off with an opening prayer by Gift Kingsley of Government Senior College Ikoyi.

After this, there was an introduction by all the participants. Chiagozi the Project Coordinator asked the students various questions such as library name, name of the reading programme, the selected book title and author which the students were able to answer.

The selected book for this session was Gaining Wisdom by Catherine Snow. Mrs Ifeoma Esiri, the guest speaker informed us the book has a collection of titles which exposes students to a wide range of writing such as short stories, articles, biographies, autobiographies, myth, photo essay, legend, narrative non-fiction to mention a few.

During the session, a survey was carried out on the types of writing people like; this shows everyone has different preferences. Mrs Esiri encouraged the students to visit the library to explore the different types of writing available to them. Gaining Wisdom, a collection of 25 titles on various genres of writing was likened to a library.

Prior to this day, the students were asked to read 10 stories – Faintly Macabre’s Story (Fantasy Story), Career Zone( how–to-Article), Athena’s City(Myth), Aweave of Words
(Folktale), Writers Write About Reading and Writing (Poetry), Let’s Get Along: Kids Talk AboutTolerance(Letter), Where in the World is your family From?(Expository non-fiction) A Talent For Teamwork( Short Story), Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson’s Story(Autobiography) and I’ve Seen The Promise Land: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr( Biography) from the 25 titles contained in the book and at the event was asked to summarize 5 out of them.

Godswill Akpan of GSCI summarized Gifted Hands: an autobiography of Ben Carson, a leading pediatric neurosurgeon. According to him, the story is about a boy who was once a dullard and had an eye problem. The mother helped him to read, instructed him to watch TV less and encouraged him to spend more time on reading. He later became a genius by obeying his mother’s instruction.

Ife Ajedotun of AAGCSS and Friday Agada of GSCI summarized Career Zone as a call to article which presents an explanation on choosing a career. The article provides step in selecting a career: Think about what you like, investigate your chose career and go for it. It encourages reader to allow their capabilities and passions determine their career path.

Akiode Aminat of AAGCSS summarized Athena’s City, a Greek mythology as a story about a thriving city with houses, roads, temples, food, theatre, music. With all the richness of beauty and culture in the city, the King and the inhabitants still felt they were lacking something which was a name. One day, the king gathered the city’s inhabitant in his palace to inform them of his plan on how to name the city. He planned to name the city after the god that helps them in times of need. The people of the City summoned all the gods but only Poseidon (god of the sea) and Athena (god of wisdom) showed up. Poseidon struck his staff on the earth and produced water but it was salty and of no use to the people. Athena stamp his feet on earth, a mature olive tree appear which provides nourishing food, cooking oil and wood to make fire. The people decided to name the City after Athena the god of wisdom who provided for their needs.  

Faith Bidein  of AAGCSS summarized A weave of words is folktale on love. It centered on a Prince Vachagan who lacked many skills except hunting. He fell in love with Anait, the weaver’s daughter but Anait would not marry a man who cannot read or write. Vachagan later learnt different skills including how to read and write. The story is basically about how learning to read and write saved Vachagan’s life.

Gift Kingsley of GCSI summarized A Talent For Teamwork as a short story about developing interpersonal skill. A teacher Ms Hauser assigned a group project to her students. The students were put in groups different from their friends’.  A girl named Shanna didn’t want to cooperate because she wasn’t friends with any of her group members. She also In the course of the projects, she learnt the importance of teamwork and how to develop interpersonal skill. Lucia a shy girl also learned to overcome her fears.

The students in turn asked the guest speaker questions about the founder of the library, inspiration for the reading programme project. Ifeoma Esiri informed a library is of no use to anybody who cannot read. Since the main purpose of a library is to house books, ZODML saw the need to strengthen the reading skills of students in order to get the maximum impacts of a library.

After the discussion, the students were led on a tour of the library by Nkechiyere Nwoji.

Before the Senior Secondary Reading Programme, Chiagozi instructed the students to write a continuation of Faintly Macabre’s Story.  Six students – Akiode Aminat, Samuel Happiness, Friday Agada, Felicia Egeme, Aje Ifedotun and Debbie Hans had their pieces shortlisted from the group of 26. The best three students each read their piece aloud, and their writing was judged by Ifeoma Esiri.

Felicia Egeme of Government Senior College Ikoyi was selected as the winner, with Aje Ifedotun of Aunty Ayo Girls Comprehensive Senior Secondary School and Friday Agada of Government Senior College Ikoyi placing second and third respectively. Each was rewarded with a notepad and a pen for their efforts.  All of the students present also received a ZODML t-shirt and a book.


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