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An SSRP session with Ayoola

By Chiagozi Diala on Wed, 11/11/2015 - 17:01


The student of Government senior college Maroko (GSCM) & Government senior college Ikoyi (GSCI) had a wonderful time discussing the book “Protecting Ideals’’ with Ayoola Shobamiwa the assistant IT manager of the organization.

            The program started at about 10:30am; opening prayer was led by Blessing Abue. The students and staff of the organization introduced themselves making the atmosphere very friendly. Ayoola started by asking the students to give two reasons why they read and some said “to gain knowledge’’, others said “to be aware of what is going on’’. He then went ahead to discuss the stories the students were asked to read before finalizing his discussion with the story the children were asked to focus on – ‘The boy who drew the birds’ by Jacqueline Davies. The story that talks about a boy who was sent to America by his father to learn a business but fell in love with birds while in America and decided to study the life of birds by drawing and observing them daily.

            The students also wrote a continuation of the story and six top stories were shortlisted. These six stories were further narrowed down to three stories which were awarded as top stories.

Sidiq Baliqis Ayoka, a female student of GSCI had the best story. 

Anyebe Victoria, a female student of GSCM came 2nd in position.

Kufre Patience Evibio, a female student of GSCM came 3rd in position

Sheriff Sulaimon, Abue Blessing and Elaigwu Adakole Samuel, all students of GSCI came 4th, 5th, 6th in position respectively.

The best continuation written by Sidiq Baliqis Ayoka goes thus;

            “Years later, John James become older and grew more interested in birds. He then remembered what he said “when I am older, I will find a way to tell the whole world’’[about his discovery].

            He drew some paintings of birds and how they return to the same nest and their children nest nearby. He made bill boards and hand bills of those paintings everywhere in the city. People who read it weren’t concerned.

            Many Scientists and Ornithologist who saw it was so concerned about his painting and discovery. They tried to contact him and they succeeded. He was then called to the meeting of great scientist and ornithologists, he was then asked to defend his discovery. Then he told them all he aid and all he went through to discover such a theory about birds.

            Some of the scientists do not believe what he said, instead they tried to use his method to discover something new or different from what he said. After some time they brought all what they could discover and find out that there is no difference in what they discovered and what John James discovered.

             The scientists and Ornithologists thought of a way to appreciate John James discovery, so they decided to throw him a party and an award for his brilliant work. He became popular and well known to people in the city of America as FAB meaning Father of All Birds. He later went back to his father and reported what has happened. His father was so proud for bringing fame to their household. His father then allowed him to become an Ornithologist, he was very happy with his father’s decision’’.

All 25 students present at the program received their library cards. The students had a group photograph with Ayoola, the C.E.O; Miss Ego Mbagwu and the trustee; Mrs Ifeoma Esiri.

The session came to a close with Victoria Anyebe giving the vote of thanks.              

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