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An SSRP Session with Regina Alabere

By Chiagozi Diala on Fri, 26/02/2016 - 11:53

The second reading programme of the year took place on the 16th of February, 2016 at the community library between 26 students from Ilado Community Senior High school and Akande Dahunsi Memorial Senior High School, both in Osborne road, Ikoyi. Strengthening bonds by Catherine Snow was the book chosen for the program and the students were told to read ten stories from there, but to pay more attention to the ‘The four brothers’ which was the particular story to be discussed in the reading program. It is about four brothers who had different dreams and ambition, but had promised their father that they would take care of his farm when he dies. They kept their promise and still were able to fulfil their dreams.

The guest of the day went through the book with them to check if they really read and understood it. One of the students summarized the main story, followed by questions for everyone, on the book.  She then read her favourite part of the book and pointed out the lesson that we must not  feel inferior, and that the four brothers had different vocations, but none of them felt less important and worked together to fulfil their promise to their father.  

The chief librarian showed them round the library and explained the rules before they were granted membership and allowed to borrow books.

The students are usually asked to write a different ending to the story, and the three best writers selected for award and recognition. Fatima Momodu a female student of Ilado community senior high school came 1st, Elizabeth Ibikunle a female student of Ilado community senior high school came 2nd and Adjaho Vivian a female student of Ilado community senior high school came 3rd.

The session ended with a group photograph.

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