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The Sweet Hour of Muse – A Poem

By morayooshodi on 5 Nov, 2014

This week's ZODML Poetry Corner features a poem on hope and persistence by Morayo Oshodi. Check out her other works on our blog Tale of a Kopa. Are you a writer? Send your poems, short stories and book reviews to [email protected] to be featured on the blog.

Wide awake at midnight

Then a voice in the wind

Harsh but true said

They think I'd just give up

When I'm almost at the end of the tunnel

I lay down and slept

but my subconscious

ranted away...

Could this be convention?

This smell as rot fish

Filling the atmosphere.

Alas that I may be choked up in it?

When there are waters

That haven’t been stirred

not to mention rippled.

It takes a little time

To cock a gun and shoot.

Risk is what makes life beautiful

Don’t you think so?

The confidence that matches up

to it tells you you aren't far from your goal.

A fearful mind will only bring aches and pain,

trouble and distress

but a heart that dreads mediocrity is

free to explore even the uncultivated land of life

When I sleep it's only for a few hours

Not that I suffer insomnia

It's because there's a new dawn to wake up to

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