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Tenants of the House, Climate of Fear and That Wartime- Librarian Book Picks

By Regina Alabere on Mon, 11/01/2016 - 11:31

What are you reading this week? Check out the top three books we can’t wait to read, selected for you by our librarian.


 Fiction: Tenants of the House by Okediran, Wale


Honorable Samuel Bakura's attempt to correct what he thought was wrong with the intricate and demanding job of law-making at the Federal House of Representatives threw him headlong into a series of confounding conflicts.


Tenants of the House is a skilful fictional delineation of the ugly colors of Nigerian politics with its seeming intrigues, base motives, win at all cost motivations, and money as the great leverage...


 Nonfiction: Climate of Fear by Soyinka, Wole


In this new book developed from the prestigious Reith Lectures, Nobel Prize winning author-Wole Soyinka, a courageous advocate for human rights around the world, considers fear as the dominant theme in world politics.

Decades ago, the idea of collective fear had a tangible face: the atom bomb. Today our shared anxiety has become far more complex and insidious, arising from tyranny, terrorism, and the invisible power of the "quasi state." As Wole Soyinka suggests, the climate of fear that has enveloped the world was sparked long before September 11, 2001.

Rather, it can be traced to 1989, when a passenger plane was brought down by terrorists over the Republic of Niger. From Niger to lower Manhattan to Madrid, this invisible threat has erased distinctions between citizens and soldiers; we're all potential targets now.

In this seminal work, Soyinka explores the implications of this climate of fear: the conflict between power and freedom, the motives behind unthinkable acts of violence, and the meaning of human dignity.


 Children Fiction: That Wartime by Egbuna, Kathleen


The story unfolds a series of episodes that span school life, home life, friendship, love, departures and reunions. The many months of the civil war were destined for some of the actors to be just an interlude in the course of their lives, and for others a turn into a direction from where there was no return.


That Wartime is an eye-witness account of the civil war in Nigeria and its toll on the lives of families.


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