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The Trial, Nigeria:Travel Guide and The Runaway Hero – Librarian Book Picks

By Comfort Olukogbon on 2 Mar, 2015

Check out this week’s selection of great books chosen by our librarians! You can find all of these awesome titles and more at our Community Library at 196 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. Looking for your next great read? Search our catalogueand e-library or browse previous picks for inspiration.

The Trial and Other Stories by Okoye, Ifeoma 

The Trial and Other Stories brings to the fore inherent gender bias and inequality in most traditional societies, especially in Africa. This book gives voices to the widows who often bear the brunt of male dominance. By drawing attention and sensitizing the human conscience to the plight of the widows, the book explores viable options for redressing the injustice.

Nigeria: The. Bradt Travel Guide by Williams, Lizzie

The chaos of Lagos- one of the world's most populous capital citiesi often overshadows the rich offerings found elsewhere in Nigeria. Explore further and you can bathe in the Wikki Warm Springs at Yankari National Park; trek through Oshogbo Sacred Forest- a World Heritage site; or visit one of the Emir's many elaborately decorated palaces. These sights and the warm generosity of over 140million people will convince you to revise any negative preconceptions.

The Runaway Hero by Umez, Uche Peter

Being short can be a challenge for any boy of nine, especially if he lives among bullies in a crumbly old orphanage run by a stony-faced woman, who wields a snake tongue. But Kachi will have to find a way to get through all this, and even more- when he stumbles upon the hideout of a gang of kidnappers...

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