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The ZODML 2015 Summer Holiday Programme

By Chiagozi Diala on 11 Sep, 2015

Holiday programmes are organized to keep pupils and students busy all the weeks that their schools are on break. Some children want to read and prepare for the next session, some want to travel and spend time with friends and relations while others want to spend time in a library.

Our idea of a holiday programme is to bring children together to have fun while learning in a relaxed environment. Our programme for this year kicked off on the 3rd of August and ran daily from  10 am to 1 pm for four weeks. We started with fifteen children in the first week but the numbers grew weekly and by the end of the fourth week we had a total of seventy-six children  with an average of thirty-five  in attendance daily.  

Our activities were divided into four categories: Pick and Read, Computer Class, Drawing and Puzzle Game.

Pick and Read: In this category, the children were asked to select a book which they had to read and summarise right there in the library. The only child who participated in this category started in the third week of the programme and was able to read and summarise a couple of books.

Drawing: The children were encouraged and allowed to express their creativity with a range of drawing tools in this category. The children in the Drawing category enjoyed every bit of it. The boys had fun drawing their favourite cartoon characters like Ninja Turtles, Scooby Doo and Ben 10 while the girls enjoyed drawing characters from fairy tales.   We had a drawing competition at the end of the programme and  David Igbekele came  first , while Joffrey Thomas and Joram Monday came second and third respectively.

Computer Class: The Computer Class was also very interesting. The children learned basic computer skills like how to start and shut down a computer and use computer programs to type and draw  They enjoyed the class to the extent that they complained when they were informed that it  was over.

Puzzle Game: All the children always looked forward to Fridays as this was when they would come together to play this game which was like a unifying game. The children were put in seven groups according to their ages and they spent time tasking their brain on how to arrange the puzzle pieces correctly. The groups competed against each other. Each group would try to put their puzzle pieces together before their opponents. This is the only time that they were on their best behaviour. The babies of the programme, (children aged 2 – 5) were busy during this time with Lego pieces trying to construct something nice.

They would stay in the library turning the pages of picture books and smiling. At times, they would build trains with Lego. They could go on and on tirelessly. This is what 5 year old Praise Nkadi told us “I like the story books and I enjoyed playing the games”. 


The most popular activity was the Computer Class which had a total of forty-one participants while the least popular was Pick and Read with only one child participating.


Every day, the children would come to the library and excitedly move to their various groups. There was a mini party to mark the end of the programme during which each participant was given a Certificate of Attendance.

We were delighted to receive this feedback from Mrs Chinyere Amah, the mother of one of the participants:

“I want to say thank you to the library for what they have been doing in the lives of the children. My daughter could not read before, but with the help of the teachers in the library, she can now read. I have never registered her for computer lessons before but with the help of the library she can operate her computer. I want to say a very big thank you to the teachers and the owner of the library. God will continue to bless you. More grease to your elbow”.

Everybody had fun and can’t wait for the next summer holiday and the start of our ever-popular holiday programme.

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