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ZODML Commissions Library in Ijebu Prison

By Nkem Egenuka on Tue, 24/07/2018 - 18:36

We recently commissioned a library in Ijebu Prison, Ogun state. The libraries were commissioned by the Comptroller General of Prisons Alhaji Ja’afaru Ahmed represented by the Controller of Prisons Ogun State Command Mr A.V. Benson, on July 11th ,2018 represented

The library in Ijebu Prison was established in line with our mission, to change lives by providing channels through an individuals can self-develop themselves. We know that the libraries will aid the inmates in their journey towards reformation.

ZODML started by running a mobile library at the Ikoyi Correctional Prison Center and later, we decided to establish our first prison library at the Ikoyi Prison in March, 2013.

In 2014, some of the inmates that constantly made use of the library gained admission into the National Open University to study different courses. Based on the influence the library had on Ikoyi Prison inmates, we decided to extend our services to other prisons in Lagos State, and in 2015, we completed the setting up of libraries in the Kirikiri Maximum, Medium and Badagry prison respectively.

In 2017,  we established libraries in Anambra State, precisly Awka, Onistha, Nnewi and Ekwulobia prison; and in Enugu State -Enugu Prison and Orji- River Prison, respectively.

The materials provided in these libraries ranges from textbooks, reference books fiction and non-fiction novels to engage the intellect of  the inmates.




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