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ZODML November Reading Program

By Nkem Egenuka on Fri, 16/12/2016 - 15:46

The last Reading Program of the year took place in November 2016, with participants from Jinadu Anglican primary school, St George’s Girls Primary School, Government Senior College Maroko, Wahab Folawiyo senior high school, Akande Dahunsi memorial Senior High School, Ilado Community Senior high school, Araromi baptist primary school Obalende, Ikoyi Nursery & Primary school Osbourne, Ireti Junior Grammar School, Girls Junior Grammar School, Government Junior College Maroko and Wahab Folawiyo Junior High school Osborne.

The Reading program usually starts with brief opening prayer from one of the students, an introduction, an interactive session which involves questions and answers from the selected book. A library tour,  whereby the students/pupil are briefed on the use of a library from which they become automatic members and borrow books.

The students are often asked to write a summary of the selected book or a second part of the book from which three winners are selected.

The program is divided into three sections. They are

Catch Them Young (CATHY) – for the primary school Pupils

Junior School Reading Program (JSRP) and Senior School Reading Program respectively.



Book Selcted: A Medal for Maria by Michael Sandler

Schools: Jinadu Anglican Primary school and St George’s Girls Primary School

Date: November 4th ,2016

A Medal for Maria by Michael Sandler and illustrated by Catherine Huerta is about a girl, Maria who loves sports so much. Maria was inspired by her younger sister Eva and she supported Maria during her training in preparation for a race.

Eva is good in every sport she participates in. From Ice skating, to swimming Maria worked hard and trained harder and was eventually able to win a medal for herself.  She was proud to wear her medal in school.

The guest, Mr Babafemi Francis heartily responded to the questions the puils threw at him. The pupils were very excited and they had a fun learning experience.



Book Selcted: A letter to Cambodia

Schools: Araromi Baptist Primary School Obalende and Ikoyi Nursery & Primary School Osbourne

Date: 25TH November, 2016

A letter to Cambodia is a book about a small boy who travelled from his rural Cambodia to a big city California. His letter to his friend gave a detailed description of his new city of abode comparing every aspect and activities in the new city to that of his rural Cambodia.

The letters gave details about the kind of apartment he resides in and how many rooms it had how big it was compared to their small room in Cambodia. He wrote about his new school and the population of the students also comparing it to that of his native home in Cambodia.

Mr Adelegan Oluseyi, the organizations Online department Head was the guest.


Book Selected: Breaking Limits Road to Europe by Kalu Ogbonnaya

Schools: Government Senior College Maroko and Wahab Folawiyo Senior High School

Date: November 23rd ,2016

The Book ‘’Breaking Limits Road to Europe’’ is about Mr Kalu Ogbonnaya road trip from Lagos Nigeria through many African countries and finally to Europe.

Mr Kalu Ogbonnaya shared his rich experience and versatile knowledge of other cultures in this epic book.

Students were very happy to have the author with them such that they threw lots of intelligent questions at him. They kept probing for answers to why the he embarked on a road journey from Africa all the way to Europe. He responded by saying it was a target he set for himself and that his work requires lots of travel.

He encouraged the students on their various future ambitions advising them to work hard towards their overall goal in life.

First position went to Rothan Dorcas of Wahab Folawiyo Senior High school, Second position was Alebiosu Olamide of Government Senior College Maroko and the third position was Badmus Kaosarat of Wahab Folawiyo Senior High School.



Book Selected: Book Prison Notes

Schools: Akande Dahunsi Memorial Senior High School and Ilado Community Senior High School

Date: November 10th ,2016

The book Prison Notes is about the 11 days unjust incarceration of the author in one of ill equipped Nigerian prisons.

Mr Olorunsola Olanrewaju narrated his experience in this book and he gives a complete picture of how people are languishing unjustly in the Nigerian prison. Ranging  from From the failed judicial system to the poor living conditions.

The book sheds light on the activities going on behind the walls of the prisons where he spoke about the the condition of the rooms, rest rooms and a host of other things. 

The author proceed to pick the best stories and pictures were taken. The winners were:First position went to Miss Regina Adesuyi of  Ilado Community Senior High School, Second position was Miss Akinbiyi Mercy of Akande Dahunsi Memorial Senior High School and the third position was Miss Shaibu Sakina of Ilado Community Senior High School.



Book Selected: Space Flight

School: Ireti Junior Grammar School and Girls Junior Grammar School

Date: November 8th 2016

Space Flight First is a book about astronauts in the United State of America. The book tells an in depth story about nine astronauts who have gone to space. Each individual story is told independently and gives a brief insight into the life of the character from their early age to when they eventually accomplished a long-time dream of visiting space.

The stories vary in content as each individual had different forms of challenges and hurdles to scale in other to fulfil their heart desire. The story shows resilience and not giving up on one’s desire in life no matter the difficulty encountered in the entire process, one should always remain strong and positive.

Mr Shobamiwa Ayoola as the special guest , took his time to expain the events in the book.



Book Selected: Flower Power by Linda Barr

Schools: Government Junior College Maroko and Wahab Folawiyo Junior High School Osborne

Date: November 29th ,2016

The story is about a girl Sarath who brought a flower to the show and tell in her class. It was later discovered that her beautiful flower was ranked on the endangered list. The flower, prairie fringed Orchid was on the threatened list. Their teacher also told them about some endangered and extinct animals and the proceeded in writing a letter to the Company that owns the land where the rare flowers are found.

The First position went to Miss Paulinus Precious, 2nd position went to Miss Inuotube Blessing and the third position went to Miss Iliya Talatu. The winners were duly rewarded and had their picture taken with Miss Nkem Egenuka the special guest of the day.


Asides the winners getting gifts, one of the uniqueness of ZODML reading program is that every child goes home with a gift.


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