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ZODML Poetry Corner

By ZODML on 27 Mar, 2013

A place to spotlight the creative talents of up-and-coming young writers.

A Tribute to Professor Chinua Achebe by Yomi Ojo


It is Morning yet on Creation Day Our Hopes and Impediments Have kept us No longer at Ease At Home and Exile Scattered are we, like the Anthills of the Savannah.

Silence The Drum and still The Flute! Yet is not time for African Short Stories Like the 1994 winter, let the night stay frozen For Okike speaks of a tale Graver than Chike and the River. There was a Country rich in seeds and greed Now so poor, as to set her Girls at War!

Oh, how Things Fall Apart for Nigeria Tell me How the Leopard Got His Claws To tear at the heart of its own A cursed Arrow of God we moan? Nay! It is the mis-Education of a British-Protected Child By the Racism in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness Nay! Nay! Let us blame the Insider who raped our sugar baby - crude! Whichever it is, we must Beware, Soul Brother For the Oracle has spoken of The Trouble with Nigeria It will be solved only by A Man of the People.

About the writer: Yomi Ojo is a freelance journalist, poet and social analyst.

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