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ZODML Summer Holiday Programme: Students talk about their fun-filled learning experience.

By Regina Alabere on 28 Oct, 2015

My Experience

“The first day I came to the library, I understood what we were taught. We were taught parts of a system unit, how to create and password a user account, how to create and rename a folder, briefcase, how to change the background, how to change screen saver with 3D text, how to use bubble mystify, rainbow etc. I was taught how to draw, paint, and how to use the items in the paint application, how to label it, and I also know how to delete and restore. I now know things like system unit I never knew before; the teacher is very kind and does not beat. I like him because I know what he wants and what he does not want, e.g., chewing gum. The good thing that I know how to change the date and time on the C.P.U. We students need more computer systems, chairs, tables, for the students. I learnt how to open a folder, and there is an uncle, his name is Uncle Simon. He is very nice and the reason why I like him is that he hates cheating and he always treats us equally. The other teacher, Mr Ayoola he is always cheerful in class and does not tolerate nonsense, he is always serious when teaching and funny when playing. I think next year I will be able to call some of my friends and invite some neighbors to come for this lesson”

Babangida Ibrahim

Falomo Senior High School S.S.1

14years old





My Experience

“In the library, I learnt the meaning of U.P.S, which means ‘’uninterruptable power supply’’ and the parts of the system unit which are; the start button, C.D ROM and power button. I was also taught parts of a computer system and told that the C.P.U is not called C.P.U but system unit. I can now create a screen saver, change the date and time, create a user account and password it, connect the computer system properly and create a folder and a briefcase. I know how to use the mouse perfectly and the keyboard. I learnt how to work on the taskbar and also change the look of the icons on the desktop background. I can also use pictures as a screen saver, I can draw and paint cars and houses. I know how to edit a text and a document that has already been saved. I also know how to write a text on an image and also how to save a document, as well as knowing how to launch a paint application.  I can also switch a user account, delete and restore a folder. With my experience, I can use the computer comfortably without fear. I really enjoyed myself in this library and I had fun with Mr. Ayoola and Uncle Simon. They are very good and kind people and I will also like to tell my friends about it so that they will come in the next coming lesson. I really appreciate being with them most especially, Mr Ayoola, who taught us how to use the computer. The library does not have many computers, but Mr. Ayoola uses his laptop to teach us. I will come for the next  lesson, may GOD Almighty bless and provide for the people that contributed to this program.”

Babangida Habiba

Falomo Senior High School S.S.2

16years old





My Experience

“All thanks to Mr. Ayoola and Uncle Simon because both of them taught me how to use the computer and I learnt how to use the system unit and the parts of the computer. He taught us how to create a folder, brief case, screen saver,  I really learnt more about how to connect the system unit with the help of Mr. Ayoola and Uncle Simon. I know how to connect the system unit and I am very happy. When I went home, I told my sister and the next day she followed me to the computer lesson at the library and she joined the lesson. I say thanks to them both for teaching us, and I will be very happy to come back next time”

Halidu Sadiyat

Ireti Junior Grammar School J.S.S.2

13years old




My Experience

“I learnt how to draw, how to go to the internet, how to create a background with paint, how to create a folder, how to create a screen saver. This class has been an exciting program, and my teacher, Mr. Ayoola taught me how to create a folder and how to draw cars, houses and many more. He is a good teacher, I wish I could thank him for what he has done for me.”

Daniel Ukaegbu

Government College ikoyi J.S.S.1


My Experience

“They taught us good things about the computer that I never learnt in my school. They taught me how to create a folder, how to create a briefcase, and how to create a new profile or document. I learnt how to connect the computer parts and how to create a screen saver. The lesson I loved most is Painting because I was able to draw a house and a car and paint them. Mr. Ayoola, our class teacher is a very responsible and intelligent man that does not tolerate any act of disobedience. He always allows us to use the computer at our own convenient time. Talking about my teacher, he taught us how a monitor looks like a television and showed us a mouse, and he said that we should not call a mouse, a mouth, and we should not call a system unit, C.P.U. He told us the full meaning of U.P.S and what it is used for and the function of the U.P.S. “

Igbekele Daniel

Wahab Folawiyo Junior High School Osborn Ikoyi




My Experience

“When I came for the computer lesson, Mr Ayoola taught us about the parts of a computer, how to create and rename briefcase and folder, how to create a screensaver and wallpaper, how to draw images (house, box, car on the road) and write text on it using paint. I also learnt how to delete a folder and bring it back from the recycle bin, how to use the mouse, how to minimize, maximize and close a document. He also taught us on how to create new group (User account) on the computer. I like to learn and focus but I have seen that some people are better than me, but I hope I can still be better than them because everybody has a season. He taught us how to create a folder, briefcase, screensaver with text and images, how to draw and paint. I am sure I will be great with what Mr Ayoola and Uncle Simon have done in my life, and I use this opportunity to say that I am very grateful to them. When I return to school, I will tell my friends my experience during the training with the teachers. I like the library because we were able to read, borrow story books with our library card and everything in the library is free. The teachers take their time to explain to us and gave us assignment to learn more and I wish the students can listen to them. I will like to be a teacher like Mr Ayoola in the future.”

John Onyeche Patience

13 Years, JSS 3

Oxford International High School, Ago-Iwoye Ogun State