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ZODML Unveils 10 Must Read Poems For World Poetry Day

By Comfort Olukogbon on 20 Mar, 2015

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words". Robert Frost

World Poetry Day is here again! It is a period to acknowledge and support poets and poetry worldwide. At ZODML, we will be sharing some of our best poems from ZODML poetry Corner.

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 Patriots Cry - A Poem by Pen Piper

Where is tomorrow

When you said I shall be king?

Come, oh morning!

When I, my fellows lead!

Time I crawl on hands and knees

A leader tomorrow you said I’ll be continue reading.


Irresistible Love by Emmanuel Ndifon

Deep in the gulf of love I searched for you...

But the tall grasses of emotions wouldn’t let me find you...

Tears of compassion...

Love filled with passion Times without number continue reading


Fathers Are Wonderful People - A Poem by Helen Steiner Rice

Fathers are wonderful people

Too little understood

And we do not sing their praises

As often as we should…

For somehow, fathers seem to be The man who pays the bills continue reading


I wan bi President - A Poem by Ezenwa-Ohaeto

E get one dream Wey dey worry me I don dream am tire,

If I sleep small Na di dream go come If I close eye small Na di dream go come If I siddon for chair say make I rest small Na di dream go come I think say na malaria dey come, 

For night when I lie for bed When hunger dey blow me When I never see food chop When I never see water drink Na di dream go come,

E get one dream wey dey worry me Di dream bi say I wan bi President continue reading


A Tribute to Professor Chinua Achebe by Yomi Ojo

It is Morning yet on Creation Day Our Hopes and Impediments

Have kept us No longer at Ease At Home and Exile Scattered are we, like the Anthills of the Savannah.

Silence The Drum and still The Flute!

Yet is not time for African Short Stories Like the 1994 winter, let the night stay frozen continue reading


The Sweet Hour of Muse – A Poem by Morayo Oshodi

Wide awake at midnight

Then a voice in the wind

Harsh but true said

They think I'd just give up continue reading


Mystery Child - A Poem by Muhsinat.Kamardeen

The one that gives you no peace

No sleep

Always threatening to leave

The child that does as it pleases

That one who must be pampered continue reading


Where are the Kings by Olulu, the King not from Zulu

Where are they?

Let me at them.

I want them, and I want them now,

I pray, “God grant me patience”,

But He should hurry. Continue reading


Ode To Love - A Poem by Damilola Ogundipe

Real as you so delicately seem...

I savour you only in my wildest delusions


Your rays culminate into beams...

You illuminate hate’s very confusion continue reading


Why We Go to War - A Poem by Tofunmi Omowunmi

I saw a bandwagon of soldiers upon apocalypse

Their eyes was fixed on the fire in hypnotic gaze

they marched into the fire

Why do we go to war? Continue reading

 Happy World Poetry Day! Don't forget to comment on our post and even submit one yourself.

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