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Teaching??? No way! Why have I been posted to a school for God’s sake?  I mean, I should have been posted to a radio or television station where I could be relevant. What will a Mass Communications graduate like me do in a school? These were my thoughts as I collected my NYSC posting letter. Not only was I posted to a school, it was in a rural... Read More
By Nkem Egenuka
Dyslexia is a learning disability characterized by difficulties with reading and writing composition, as well as high levels of creativity and ‘big picture’ thinking. Coping with dyslexia can be challenging, but it is possible. With the right attitude, strategies, tools, and support you can not only cope with dyslexia, but have a successful and... Read More
By Tunrayo Ade
  WORM The worm of depression embroidered with learning scathing the mind till it becomes a  painter's brush painting colours of hopelessness, fear and despair in the horizon vague sketches drawn upon the pellet of  an heavy heart weaving into the fabric of life the thread of death leaving the body numb: eyes bored and dull movements as heavy:... Read More
By Nkem Egenuka
African velvet tamarind is a tropical tree found mostly in Africa. . It is a typical tamarind with black velvety hard shell, orange sticky pulp and flat circular brown seed. Its scientific name is called Dialium indum; popularly known as Awin by the Yorubas, Icheku by the Igbos and Tsamiyar kurm by Hausas, and Liki liki in Nigeria.   Health... Read More
By Nkem Egenuka
  The PhD dissertation is a big deal. In fact, it is the most important project you have ever worked on. You have completed several types of papers for university, and you already went through the long process of completing an MA thesis. The PhD dissertation takes things on a whole other level. This project must show your exceptional knowledge in... Read More
By Nkem Egenuka
Every person who works must have, at some point experienced work related stress. Now, when the stress becomes more inevitable, it can cause mental and physical harm. The stress hormone is activated when we are unable to control certain pressures and situations.   Common Effects of Stress Mentally – Depression, anxiety, irritability, lack of focus... Read More
By Nkem Egenuka
According to the Psychologist, Dr. Bruise Liese, procrastination is an avoidance of our obligations. It can take hold on any aspect of a person’s life which can lead to feelings of guilt, inadequacy and self-doubt. Procrastination is simply, not doing what you need/ have to do in a particular period of time Procrastination can negatively affect... Read More
By Nkem Egenuka
It’s another new month and the spirit of Easter is still with us, Identifying with the death and resurrection of Christ. It’s a happy month indeed. Interestingly, April Fool’s Day for 2018 is on the same day as Easter Sunday and the pranksters are ever ready. We leave you with our April 2018 Booklist   Vinegar Boy by Alberta Hawse Vinegar Boy is... Read More
By Nkem Egenuka
As you celebrate Easter, may you remember Christ's perfect love for you and may the power of his resurrection bring you fulfillment. Happy Easter!
By Abraham Atawodi
Are you a writer? Send your fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and book reviews to editorial@zodml.org for a chance to be featured on our blog. The wind whistled a soulful dirge as it danced lazily around the dark neighbourhood, dodging rooftops and treetops. It ruffled the leaves, shook them spitefully off the tree limbs, and arrayed them haphazardly... Read More


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