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Covid-19 Lockdown: Join a challenge

By Chidinma Okere on 5 Apr, 2020

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, countries all over the world have declared a lockdown on activities to curb the spread of the virus. The lockdown which affects every industry except essential services has millions of people at home and, some would say, bored. 

While the quarantine goes on, people are exploring to connect with others and feel part of a community. One of these ways is through internet challenges.

If you are new to internet lingo, a challenge is a task that is trending. Someone may pick you to join or you pick yourself.  Read more about Covid-19 Lockdown: Join a challenge

40 books by African Women You Should Read

By Chidinma Okere on 12 Mar, 2020

 From Chika Unigwe’s story on human trafficking and prostitution to Nawal El Saadawi’s Woman at Point Zero that shares the real life story of a female prisoner waiting for execution in Qanatir Prison, Wayetu Moore’s dramatic story of Liberia’s early years through three unforgettable characters who share an uncommon bond and Dr Stella Nyanzi’s continued activism against dictatorship in No Roses From My Mouth, African women are championing conversations that are long overdue to be had. Read more about 40 books by African Women You Should Read

Happy International Day of Writers

By Chidinma Okere on 3 Mar, 2020

The 3rd of March every year is a day set aside to celebrate writers all over the world. Today is the day to recognize and appreciate writers for their contribution to literacy, information, knowledge expansion and entertainment. According to Google's advanced algorithms, there are over 130 million books in the world today. That makes for a very robust knowledge base for human race. Today is a good day to give a shoutout to your favourite author.

  Read more about Happy International Day of Writers

Covid-19 in Nigeria: All You Need To Know

By Chidinma Okere on 2 Mar, 2020

On Friday, the 29th of February, Nigeria recorded her first case of the corona virus amidst a lot of panic and worry. “The case is an Italian citizen who works in Nigeria and returned from Milan, Italy to Lagos, Nigeria on the 25th of February 2020. He was confirmed by the Virology Laboratory of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, part of the Laboratory Network of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control. The patient is clinically stable, with no serious symptoms, and is being managed at the Infectious Disease Hospital in Yaba, Lagos.”  - NCDC Read more about Covid-19 in Nigeria: All You Need To Know


By Chidinma Okere on 28 Feb, 2020

1.            February used to be the last month of the year, which is why it has the shortest number of days.

2.            Months that begin on a Sunday always have a Friday the 13th in them. An example is March, 2020.

3.            The word “Android” means a human with a male robot appearance. The female equivalent is a “Gynoid.” Read more about #FunFactsFriday



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