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  1. Meet Girls (Part 3) –A Short Story

    Maria Ocheja's blog The second series of Meet Girls  by Maria Ocheja was posted few months ago.  In this week's series, Maria Ocheja exposes us to Sophie and Xavier's love life. Are you a writer and wish to be published? email your short st ...

    Maria Ocheja - 2015-11-23 11:40

  2. Educaton In Nigeria: A view from another angle

    Emmanuel Egobiambu's blog   Education, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is the action or process of teaching someone, especially in a school, college or university. It further defines education as the knowledge, skill or understanding you ...

    Emmanuel Egobiambu - 2016-02-17 10:25

  3. My first teaching experience by Regina Alabere

    Regina Alabere's blog As I looked through the announcement board, checking the nysc list to find where I was posted to, my heart was beating frantically. Prior to that time, I heard funny stories of how people got posted to unknown places in Nigeria ...

    Regina Alabere - 2016-03-16 11:18

  4. Eating Healthy

    Regina Alabere's blog    The benefits of eating healthy are so numerous that it cannot be over-emphasized. Many companies market their products as being healthy, whereas they are filled with chemicals  that are toxic to our health and well being. Som ...

    Regina Alabere - 2016-04-20 13:48

  5. A Poem: I Still Hope,I hope

    Regina Alabere's blog I was born in 1990 A time where our parents instructed us to never give money to beggars We would turn into yams or goats if we collect things from strangers I had to look at my mother’s face, seeking approval before I could col ...

    Regina Alabere - 2016-06-06 13:59

  6. Lekan's Babe

    Regina Alabere's blog This week, we are pleased to repost a hilarious story by Adesuwa Uwanikhehi. Do you write? Send your short fiction, poetry, opinion pieces and book reviews to  [email protected]  for a chance to be featured on our blog.     I ...

    Regina Alabere - 2016-07-22 14:34

  7. The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death

    Abraham Atawodi's blog Enjoy!Do you write? Send your fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and book review to  [email protected] Everyone has a poop story! Abraham Atawodi shares a his in this interessing writeup below. Enjoy! Jide felt like he had swallo ...

    Abraham Atawodi - 2017-08-08 16:34

  8. Writing Tips: 12 Ways to translate emotions to body language

    Nkem Egenuka's blog Body Language is the gesture, posture, and facial expression by which a person manifests various physical, mental, or emotional state. Body language is important because a large percentage of human communication is non-verbal. Tra ...

    Nkem Egenuka - 2017-09-08 16:44

  9. Love and Biology- A Short Story

    Onome Akrah's blog   “Nkem, what are you looking at?” Gloria’s voice brought me back, as I was very lost in my thoughts. I had been sitting at the balcony of our apartment all morning staring into space, wondering why it was so hard to just get what ...

    Onome Akrah - 2017-11-03 13:56

  10. The Tale of a 'Kopa': It’s Not So Bad After All- by Morayo Oshodi

    ZODML's blog Teaching??? No way! Why have I been posted to a school for God’s sake?  I mean, I should have been posted to a radio or television station where I could be relevant. What will a Mass Communications graduate like me do in a school? These ...

    ZODML - 2018-04-24 12:36