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  1. A Peculiar Case of True Love-1

    Nnamdi Ehirim's blog The church bell rang as all church bells so often do: an initial clanging followed by a loud and long, discontinuous echo quite similar to the discontinuous recollection, which almost always accompanies the sound of the bell, of ...

    Nnamdi Ehirim - 2018-11-06 20:37

  2. Where Was Ade?- A Short Story

    Madamidola Oladele's blog  Madamidola Oladele shares a moving story of love and an ill-fated experience. Ouch...! A sonorous voice rang out from behind. It was followed by screams, yells and torrent of abuses on the offender- a young chap who probabl ...

    Madamidola Oladele - 2018-11-08 21:33

  3. Valentine Love

    Regina Alabere's blog Towards the end of January, my savings account was crying profusely and my heart was bleeding. Of course, my January salary is for February expenses and to save a bit. On the last Saturday of the month, I  thought about the new ...

    Regina Alabere - 2019-02-14 11:05

  4. How I Was Motivated By External Auditors

    Adebola Oyeleye's blog Adebola Oyeleye joined ZODML 3 years ago, he currently works as an Account Officer with the organisation. He was privileged to work with external auditors sometime ago. Adebola narrates his experience: “Last month, the financia ...

    Adebola Oyeleye - 2019-02-21 12:29