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  1. Eko Wengele- A Poem by Dave Agboola

    Don’t tell me about Lagos, Because I’ve already lived here and know its root. No, not about its “when you wake, wake me up” kind of life: When you are out of your barricaded house before the first crow, All to come back in the middle of the night; While y ...

    ZODML - 2015-01-14 09:40

  2. Happy Birthday Pablo Neruda!

    The Chilean poet and Nobel Laureate was born Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto  on this day in 1904. He chose his pen name in honour of the Czech poet  Jan Neruda, and it became his legal name in 1946. Called by Gabriel Garcia Marquez  "the greatest poe ...

    ZODML - 2015-01-14 10:31

  3. ZODML Poetry Corner- Love Apart by Christopher Okigbo

    ZODML's blog   The moon has ascended between us, Between two pines That bow to each other; Love with the moon has ascended, Has fed on our solitary stems; And we are now shadows That cling to each other, But kiss the air only. Christopher Ifekandu Ok ...

    ZODML - 2015-01-14 11:37

  4. ZODML Poetry Corner: For June 12

    June 12 by Dave Agboola “How time flies” – the slogan of those who observe time, And it’s exactly two decades today That a mandate was stolen The freest and fairest of all elections they said it was When all and sundry for the first time in this great nat ...

    ZODML - 2015-01-14 12:41

  5. In Memodana by Morayo Oshodi

    ZODML's blog   They ran into the earth And pierced the heart of men Explosive like a bomb Both parties fragments lie   And low there is a tomb To find them in the grave 153 passengers and crew On board a flight of doom   At least 10 men on ground Cou ...

    ZODML - 2015-01-14 13:20

  6. ZODML Poetry Corner

    ZODML's blog A Running Waterfall by Dave Agboola A running waterfall Rushes – noisy, busy, splatters, scatters, Spatters a smattering of drops; Gushes – restless, speedy; Never stops running, even till eternity; But rushes noisily and busily, splashi ...

    ZODML - 2015-01-14 15:07

  7. ZODML Poetry Corner: Happy Labour Day!

    ZODML's blog In honour of Labour Day, a poem that celebrates workers. Opportunity by Edgar A. Guest    So long as men shall be on earth There will be tasks for them to do, Some way for them to show their worth; Each day shall bring its problems new. ...

    ZODML - 2015-01-14 15:24

  8. ZODML Poetry Corner

    In honour of his birth/deathday yesterday, we're sharing a beloved Shakespeare sonnet for this week's Poetry Corner. Sonnet 98 by William Shakespeare From you have I been absent in the spring, When proud-pied April dress'd in all his trim H ...

    ZODML - 2015-01-14 15:37

  9. ZODML Poetry Corner

    A place to spotlight the creative talents of up-and-coming young writers. Sleeping by Dave Agboola Sleeping, sleeping, all I know, When the world is turned a grave, When the flesh is sure of rest, What immortal man in cave! ...

    ZODML - 2015-01-14 15:48

  10. ZODML Poetry Corner

    'Arroyo: Flash Flood' by John Unterecker The canyon walls close in again, slant light a silver glare in brown water. The water is only knee deep, but when the boy reaches the    boulders— purple dark, silvered by the smash of brute water— water ...

    ZODML - 2015-01-14 16:22