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Using the Library

Patron at the ZODML Community Library

Here’s a quick guide to using the Community Library. Have more questions? Check out our FAQs or contact us.

Borrowing Items

To borrow any item from the Library you must first obtain a borrower’s ticket. A borrower’s ticket is issued upon application and after your current residential address has been verified. Acceptable forms of documents for identifying your address include utility bills, tenancy agreements, or deeds of sub-lease. If you are under the age of 18, information about your parent or guardian must be supplied and they must accept our borrowing rules on your behalf.

In order to receive a borrower’s ticket, you will also need to provide a N2000 non-refundable deposit to cover the cost of any lost, stolen or damaged item you may have borrowed.

Borrower’s ticket holders can borrow a total of four items in any combination of books, audiobooks, and DVDs. Please note that your Library card and borrower’s ticket should be presented whenever you want to borrow items from the Library but if you forget either, we can look up your details in our library management system if you know your Library card number.

When you check items out, the date of return is stamped on the date due slip attached to the item (on the last page for books, and inside DVD cases). Items are due before the Library closes on the date stamped on the date due slip.

Items can be kept for the following time periods before they are due back at the Library:

Books and audiobooks

2 weeks


3 days


Renewing items

You can extend the return date for a borrowed item if it is brought for extension before or on the return date stamped on the return slip. If an item is overdue, any fees accrued have to be paid before renewal.

Overdue items and fees

It is important to return your items in time. Please note that you may not be able to borrow any further items until the overdue item is returned or renewed, and all outstanding fees have been paid. Fines for overdue items are as detailed below:

Books and audiobooks

N20 per item for each day past the due date


N100 per item for each day past the due date


Searching for and requesting items 

The easiest way to know which books are available at the Library is by searching our online catalogue which holds information on our collection. Titles are added to the catalogue regularly so do check it often. If you have questions or cannot find a particular book, please contact us for help.

If there is a particular item we do not have that you would like to see available to borrow at the Community Library, send an email to librarians@zodml.org with pertinent information (title, author, publisher etc.) and we will look into purchasing it for our collections.


Computers, Internet, and More

There are 6 desktop computers (four for adults and two reserved for child patrons) and 2 laptops (reserved for Friends of the Library) available for use at the Community Library. Patrons are required to book computers ahead of time. Computers may be booked for one-hour periods.

All of our computers have internet access, and any Library patron can access the Internet free of charge.

The Library also has printing and photocopying facilities. Printing costs N50 and photocopying costs N5 (each per A4-size page). Only paper provided by the Library may be used in the printers.

There is also a notice board at the Community Library where members can post adverts and other notices. Current rates can be obtained from the ZODML staff at the front desk.