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Agbokim Waterfalls

The Agbokim Waterfalls is located at about 17km from Ikom and 315km from Calabar, Nigeria. It is actually on the Cross River where it descends in terraces through the tropical rainforest which is not far from the Nigeria-Cameroon border.

The Waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery, valleys and steep hills which are enveloped like a rainbow,  Its freshness is captivating and has a luring serenity.

This is a spectacular falling sheet of water, attractive and impressive tourist spots and a highly recommended place for picnics. It is the ideal location for a vacation to getting back into nature and regaining your creative productivity and general well being.

The history of the Agbokim Waterfalls area is traced back to the early 90s when a hunter named (NTankum) discovered the water- fall area he brought his families and other olden families of Inaku who were formally living in a mountainous area to inhabit the water fall area.

The growth and development of Agbokim waterfalls, dates far back before the advent of tourism development. Members of the Agbokim community work collectively to make the water falls a developed area by discouraging deforestation and encouraging afforestation as the source of the river is from death remains of plants and animals. They help in afforestation which aids the increase in the volume of water.

The  area is a major source of foreign attraction as it has a recreational center where entertainment and relaxation takes place. 

A visit to this fall assures you a great opportunity to witness the richness and wonders of Mother Nature at its finest.

It is an ideal location for a picnic, vacation, getting back into nature and regaining your creative productivity and general well being.