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Akpugoeze Monkeys

Akpugoeze Monkey is a very colourful monkey with a weirdly complicated facial pattern. Its body is Grey and it has a long tail . These monkeys live in tropical forest and swampy foodplain forests. They are predominantly frugivores, they feed on insects, flowers, leaves and others.

Akpugoeze monkeys are found in the eastern part of Nigeria, precisely in Oji River LGA. Enugu state.They have sexually dimorphic canines, and their hindlimbs are longer than their forelimbs. They fall prey to large snakes, raptors, and mammalian carnivores.

The Major threats to C. sclateri include habitat destruction and hunting. They are predominantly frugivores, their diets also include insects, flowers and leaves and others.

In Nigeria, monkeys and other wild animals are hunted by people but, is not like that in Akpugoeze, due to tradition and culture. However, the people of Umuokpasialm and Amagu villages in Akpugoeze, Oji River LGA, Enugu, do not harm, kill or eat monkeys.

This particular specie that inhabits Akpugoeze is called Sclater's monkey (Cercopithecus sclateri). It is a  rare specie and is found only in southeastern Nigeria.