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Igue festival

Igue festival is a celebration peculiar to the people of Edo State. It marks the marriage between Oba Ewuare to a woman called Ewere. This festival is celebrated between the period of Christmas and New Year. During the festival, the Oba blesses the land and his people and non-native persons are prohibited from being in the presence of the Oba.

It is a time for offering thanks to the gods for life and to ask for more blessings. Sacrifices are offered and the chiefs dance in their traditional attire and dance the Ugie dance.

The Igue festival also celebrates the death of past Oba’s and for 7 days, propitiations are made to the spirits of the departed Oba’s. This is done to invoke their blessing on the reigning monarch and their family and subjects.
It is also a time to pursue evil spirits and bring blessings to every home in the kingdom.

The festival usually begins with the application of chalk on the Oba's head which signifies purity and the blood of the sacrificial animals which are usually slaughtered during the festival. On the last day of the festival, the chief collects the Ewere and then hands it over to the Ihogbe, who hands it to the Oba in a dance.









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