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Ngwo Cave and Waterfall

Ngwo Cave’s stainless plunge of a river is swallowed in the belly of a stygian cave, hidden away in the deep gorge incised on the slopes Milliken Hill, located in the ancient coal city of Enugu, Enugu State, Eastern Nigeria.

The walk to the Ngwo Cave requires navigating your way through the large cluster of trees at the beautiful Ngwo Pine Forest, sharp twists and turns along the stone-paved track, as the route slants downward. The valley floor is tiled by a gently flowing stream of limpid spring waters. A barefooted walk upstream in the water leads into a dark cleft at the end of the valley. A narrow but high opening leads into the crevice and the loud splashing of the raging waters.  

The Ngwo Cave is naturally sculpted in limestone rocks and adorned by an enchanting waterfall dropping down from a small opening at the roof of the cave. The fall forms a shallow pool at the floor of the cave and flows out as a small stream.

Behind the big mass of rock in which the cave is placed, more caves are carefully tucked into the rock, some within reach and others needing a good climb to access. The water fall also has warm and hot water that comes out together from one source.