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Ogani fishing Festival

Ogani fishing Festival is observed by the people of Umaisha Village in Nasarawa State.

The residents of Umaisha community in Toto Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, have based their existence around the body water which flows through the community.

Ogani Fishing Festival is an Annual event that holds between the month of January and early February, tracing the origin to the Opanda Kingdom in 1758.

The celebration of Ogani fishing festival portrays peaceful co-existence among the people, give the youths a platform to show their bravery in the community as they defy the strong of River Niger/Benue to catch fishes of various sizes.

The celebration comes with various kinds of events, including Mamiwata masquerade of the Tivis, EkaEgbura masquerade, Gbandoko, swimming competition, diving, fishing, boating among the other community and so on.

The festival is a medium through which the Egbura people come together to preserve their cultural values and encourage unity amongst the Egbura at home and in Diaspora.




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