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Shere Hills

Shere Hills is located at the Jos Plateau, situated about 10 kilometres to the East of Jos metropolis,the capital of Plateau State in the middle belt region of Nigeria. It has undulating rocks and rock formations with peaks and dips.

Situated 10 kilometres east of the Jos metropolis, the Shere hill’s highest peak reaches a height of about 1,829 metres of 6,001 feet above sea level.
The hills make up the highest point of the Jos Plateau and form the third highest point in Nigeria after Chappal Waddi on the Mambilla Plateau.

Several rivers and hills are scattered among the highlands which adds more to the already beautiful landscape and backdrop with its cluster of hamlets and villages. The Hills also serve as a camping spot to the people.

In 1976, the First All African Scouts Jamboree was held at Shere Hills in 1976.

Shere Hill has a very beautiful site and lovers of Hills and rocks would be very pleased.