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Wase Rock

Wase Rock is a massive dome shaped rocky inselberg found near Wase town in Wase Local Government Area of Plateau State in central Nigeria. It stands alone in the Wase plains and has a towering height of about 350 metres (1,150 ft).  Records indicate that this beautiful massive dome shaped rocky inselberg is one out of only five in the world.

It is located about 216 kilometres southeast of Jos near Wase town and is one of the five breeding places for the White pelican in Africa.

It has been described as a volcanic plug by geographers and has visible for a radius of 40 kilometres (25 mi). Wase Rock is that it provides a kind of protective shield for Wase community. This perhaps explains why no invader has successfully penetrated its walls, despite various attempts during crisis situations.
The government conserves about 321 hectares (790 acres) of land around the rock as a bird sanctuary and for wildlife development.

The city witnesses a more temperate climate because of the rock. Wase Rock has an average monthly temperature of 25 -300C, and a low night time temperature as from mid-November to late January. Also, during rainy season the city sometimes witnesses an extremely cold temperature.

Being one of the only five dome-shaped rocky inselbergs in Africa, Wase Rock is beautiful sight to behold.