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Dr. Osatohanmwen Osemwengie

Dr. Osatohanmwen Osemwengie hails from Benin, Edo state, Nigeria. He served as an administrator and teacher at the college level in Nigeria. The board of trustees of the College of Education, Benin City, Nigeria recognized him as their Educator of the Year for securing funding used to design and implement pre-service teacher education programs, in 1982. While he served as department head, he recruited and counseled both staff and students, managed funding programs, and the college’s acquisition of equipment and services.

Osemwengie went to the United States in 1982, he taught in Columbus City School for five years (1987- 1992). He also served as the administrator of the Columbus City School System from 1992 – 2011, where he coordinated staff and student recruitment. He also developed programs to increase staff and student retention.

Dr. Osemwengie studied software engineering and management of information system at the graduate levels and was a facilitator for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation- sponsored (OLIT) Ohio Leadership for Integrating Technology initiative. He trained elementary, middle, high school principals and assistant principals to use adaptive learning staff development activities which are designed to identify instructional approaches that emphasized integrating technology into the learning and teaching processes. He sets the pace for most educational administrator contemporaries.

He expertly trained them to facilitate the integration of technology into teaching and learning process workshops and seminars, coached robotics and serve as software engineering mentors to robotics teams. In 2008, he was selected to present at the world robotics championships.

Dr. Osemwengie has four graduate degrees, a Doctorate degree in curriculum and instruction from the University of Cincinnati. He obtained his 5th and 6th Master’s degree in software engineering at Regis University and Information Systems at the Keller Graduate School of Management.

He is the founder of the Open Robotics University; a tuition free engineering degree-granting university that allows people to further exercise their talents and expand their knowledge into all fields related to engineering. The guiding principle of the non-profit organization is to facilitate the development of future technologies through peer collaboration with the end-product, source-material, and documentation made available to the public free of charge.

Dr.Osatoh builds drones for the United States Army. He is currently working on a military game and collision avoidance software for drone.He has been an integral member of the American armed forces, building drones for the United States Army. These drones are used for surveillance to gather important information, as well as take out terrorist camps.

His other technology related skills includes programming in C++, Java, ASP.net, SQL and database design and implementation, API server side programming, and website development.









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