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Foyekemi Ikyaator

                   Dr. Foyekemi Ikyaator, an emergency room physician and Medical Director of Life Savers ER

Dr. Foye is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. Though a Nigerian, she was raised in the United States. Exceptionally brilliant, she received full academic scholarship throughout her years in medical school. Growing up with a mum who was a nurse, Dr. Foye developed an intense passion to help people.

After completing her residency in Emergency Medicine in 2012, at the Emory School of Medicine and Public Health in Atlanta, Georgia, she moved to Houston, Texas to further her practice. She gained extensive experience working within the St. Luke’s Health System and within a few short years, she decided it was time to actualize her lifelong passion.

Life Savers Emergency Room was created solely to meet the medical emergency needs of Houston. It is an independent emergency room,  not attached to any hospital. Doctor Foye finds tremendous job satisfaction in working at Life Savers ER because they  concentrate on emergencies only,  and therefore  are able to provide ER care more efficiently than hospitals. They have an onsite laboratory, radiology equipment and pharmacy. There is no waiting in line for your lab tests to get processed or risk of waiting in the waiting room for hours to be seen by a doctor.

Although free standing ER’s are not uncommon in Texas,  it was through working at a few of these facilities that she was inspired to open her own. That, and the fact that she was able to see the benefits of quick ER testing through an experience related to her mom. Her mum was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in an ER centre after months of going to the hospitals with no results. Dr. Foye saw it as a responsibility to open ER centre for the community because an early diagnosis can mean the difference between  life and death.

Today, Dr. Foye directs the freestanding Life Savers Emergency Room where she can take more time with her patients and counsel them on specific needs as well as promote the kind of medicine that she believes is necessary in today's community. Life Savers ER is here for the community as a whole; patients and medical professionals alike. Dr. Foye is in tune with her colleagues who wish to practice medicine under a non-restrictive bureaucracy, so that board certified doctors, nurses and practitioners can be flexible with the time and resources needed to care for people in need. Dr. Foye says, "The whole idea in a freestanding ER is that you can provide the care in a more relaxed environment." Since opening in December the ER service has been met with rave reviews with five stars given on Google, and other social media platforms.

She is married to Orseer Ikyaator, who manages the administrative system of the business. They are blessed with a year old son.