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Makinde Adeagbo

Makinde Adeagbo was born in Nigeria but began to travel around at an early age with his parents. His father, a professor moved his family to Canada for a while, then settled in Louisville, Kentucky. He was first introduced to programming in his 6th grade using LogoWriter which taught him how to write instructions to move a turtle (cursor) around a computer screen and draw, animating scenes and games.  He got hooked, and since   embraced the world of programming.

His early experience included using a graphing calculator to create games and programs to make maths class easier. He got accepted into the prestigious MIT (Massachusets Institute of Technology) to study Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. During his holidays, he interned at Microsoft and Apple.

His first job was as a  Software Engineer at Facebook. At that time, Facebook only employed about 300 people. According to him, “My first day my manager was like 'hey, the site's going to go down in a few days if we don't fix this class of issues, so could you just do that?' And walked away. I was fresh out of school, and basically had no idea what I was doing,” During his four years working with Facebook, he is famous for being part of the 2 man team responsible for reducing over 1MB of Javscript to 2kb,making the site load  twice as fast worldwide.

After leaving Facebook, he moved to Kenya to work for Bridge International Academies as a software engineer. After three months, he moved back to San Franisco and started to work at Dropbox as a software craftsman. After a year, he moved to Pinterest and opened a Non-for-profit company, Devcolor.

Currently an Engineering Manager at Pinterest, he also inspires young black engineers at Devcolor to be the best they can be. Working in four major tech companies, he knows how difficult it is for an African American to integrate properly into a career population mainly dominated by Whites and Asians. Devcolor is his company where he trains young black and coloured engineers for  career path.

Makinde was engaged in March 31st,2015 and got married to his heart throb, Awara Adeagbo in Menlo Park, California. His major hobby is running. According to him, "Running is a big part of my life. In high school and college, as a track athlete… I got more into marathons, triathlons, Ironman competitions. I did one ironman and one 50 mile run. Now I've transitioned into fitness and fun, I go swimming, play ultimate [frisbee], and soccer."







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