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Taraba State

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Taraba is one of the six states that make up the North East geopolitical zone of Nigeria. It shares interstate borders withBauchi and Gombe states to the north, Adamawa State to the east, and BenueNasarawa, and Plateau states to the west. Its southern boundary is shared with Cameroon. Jalingo is the state capital.

Land Mass, Location and Population
Taraba covers an area of 60,291.8 square kilometres and lies at latitude 8° 00’ north and longitude 10° 30’ east. It has a population of approximately 2,300,736 (2006 census figures) and a population density of 27 people per square kilometre. The state accounts for 1.6% of Nigeria’s population.

Main Cities and Towns
Jalingo (capital city), Muri, Ibi, Takun, Wukari, Zing, Sardauna, Bali, Yono, Kurmi and Gashaka

Image Source: kunleogunfuyi