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Zamfara State

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Agriculture is the core of the state’s economy. It employs about ninety per cent of the state population in various forms. Major crops grown in the state include maize, millet, cotton, rice, groundnut, guinea corn, tobacco and beans. Animals such as sheep, goats, and cattle are reared on a large scale in the state. Minerals found in the state include: alluvial gold, mica, granite, silica, feldspar, gold, limestone, quartz, kaolin and sand. The people of the state also engage in weaving, dying and designing materials and other kinds of woven products, usually made from date – palm raffia.

There is no university in the state. There are two polytechnics: the Federal Polytechnic Namoda and the Abdul Gusau Polytechnic. There is also the Zamfara College of Education, Maru.

  • There is a crater on Mars named after the Chafe LGA in Zamfara State.

Image source:Chafetree.com