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Do you sell books?

We have a selection of fairly used books on sale at the Community Library. We do not sell new books at present.

Does the Library accept donations?

Yes: ZODML accepts donations in cash or kind from the public. We accept both online cash donations and donations made in person. Books, audiobooks and DVDs in good condition are especially welcome. If donated materials cannot be included in the Library’s collection, they will be sold.

Can I request a book, DVD or other item?

If there is a particular item you would like to see available to borrow at the Community Library, send an email to [email protected] with pertinent information (title, author, publisher etc.) and we will look into purchasing it for our collections .

What items are available to borrow at the Community Library?

Books not marked ‘reference only’, DVDs, and audiobooks may be borrowed from the Library. DVDs attract a N100 rental fee.

Newspapers and magazines are available only to members to peruse within the Library’s premises and should not be taken out.

How much does a Library card cost?

  • A Library card is free but requires registration. ZODML has two types of patrons: Standard and Friends of the Library. You may register either as a Standard patron or as a Friend of the Library. There is no fee to register as a Standard patron; however, you will have to pay N200 to cover the administrative costs of producing your Library card (children and students are exempted from this charge).

Friends of the Library make a donation of N5000 or more to support our community projects which impact thousands of underserved Nigerians.

Standard members have access to our facilities and services but cannot use our special reading rooms or hire our laptops.
Friends of the Library have access to our facilities and services. In addition, they have the following benefits:

  • Use of our special reading rooms
  • Free hire of our laptops for in-library use only
  • Internet access on their laptops from anywhere in the library

How can I join the Community Library?

To join the Community Library, you can fill out and submit a registration form, either at home or in person at the Library. Minors (18 years and younger) need a parent's or guardian's consent in order to join. After submitting the completed registration form, you will receive an email with a unique code which, along with two passport photographs, you will need to take to the Library for the production of your Library card.