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The Birth of a Child and Learning to Cook – My Lockdown Experience

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 20 August 2020

The extent to which the coronavirus has spread since its outbreak began, has touched every corner of the world and prompted unprecedented travel restrictions and business closures that threaten to start a global recession. Its severity has left organizations, governments and individuals reeling.
Our dear country Nigeria went into lockdown for the coronavirus pandemic and I have ever since that day pondered the sudden change in my everyday life. Always around at home, not going out, listening and paying attention to demands from my family - financial, social and otherwise - which sometimes made me wonder how my friends and relatives were coping. For me, it has been full of so much fun and at the same time very demanding.
We were expecting our first child who according to a scan done in February was to be born sometime in May, while waiting joyfully and patiently to take that first look at him, we heard the story of the coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria and I believe Nigeria as an entity at that time must have been praying for the virus not to ever appear in the country but here it was.
Sometime in March, we had the first coronavirus case in Nigeria and due to this, everybody started to take precautions such as social distancing and always wearing a mask. To my greatest surprise, our baby arrived as a preterm at the peak of the pandemic.