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Computer and Internet Access Rules

Zaccheus Onumba Dibiaezue Memorial Libraries offers access to the Internet and its invaluable resources. These following rules apply to the use of computers and the Internet.

1. Only patrons with a valid Library card can register to use any Library computer.
2. Patrons wanting to use a computer must approach the Library staff at the circulation desk to register to use the computer.
3. Computers will be available for use 10 minutes after the Library opens and can be booked for one-hour sessions. The session may be extended if there is no one waiting to use the computer. A computer may be left unattended for a maximum of 10 minutes, if a user does not return after 10 minutes, the computer will be made available to another user. At the end of a session users should logout of every page. Computers should be shut down 10 minutes before the library closes by a Library staff.
4. Users are not allowed to save or leave any document or file on any Library computer or change or alter their settings and no external device (USB, external drive, CD, DVD etc.) may be used on the computers.
5. The accessing of illicit or pornographic sites, pages or other material considered to be indecent from any computer (including users' personal computers) is prohibited under all circumstances. In addition users must comply with all applicable government laws and regulations, in respect of the transmission and dissemination of information through the Internet.
6. Users may not use the Library's network to distribute unsolicited advertising, material commonly known as '419' or to perform any illegal activity such as the violation of copyright.
7. Users may not use the Library's network to invade people's privacy, harass others or be a nuisance.
8. Users may not use the Library's network for video/radio streaming or downloading of videos.

1. The Library cannot, due to its limited capabilities, guarantee that access to the Internet will always be available and will not be interrupted or that a user will be able to make a wireless connection.
2. Users who access the Internet through the Library's network do so at their own risk and the Library will not be responsible for any loss of data or damage to a user's equipment or device.
3. The Library is not able to teach users how to use computers or navigate the Internet and may set limits with regard to the uploading or downloading of files.
4. If you have any questions regarding these rules please consult a Library staff. Failure to comply with them will result in loss of Internet access and may also lead to the suspension or cancellation of your Library car

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